The 6 Tools EVERY MAN Should Own

The 6 Tools EVERY MAN Should Own

By The Times of India on March 20, 2014

1. Wire Cutters: Because that tooth you lost as you tried to peel off a particularly tough wire isn’t coming back, it’s safe to use tools meant for the purpose. A pair of wire cutters always proves handy for any electrical emergencies you may have. Plus it is safe, as the plastic grip at the end prevents you from getting electrocuted.

2. Claw Hammer: After you have drilled a hole in the wall, it is a light claw hammer that is used to drive the nail in. Its claw also helps you pull out old nails, thereby protecting the surface where you’re plucking the nail out from. And no, using a pestle is not a good idea as it could damage your fingers as well as your walls. Plus the Mrs won’t be too happy either!

3. Leatherman: A multi-purpose knife that makes other knives look like needles, this is a gadget that every man should own. From screwdrivers, to serrated blades, wire cutters, crimpers, pliers, scissors and even can-openers, the array of tools it offers is astonishing and practical. Besides that, you can always improvise with the many adjustments it provides.

4. Electric Drill: There’s always space for home improvement. Maybe its that new family photo you want to hang on the wall. Or a new name-plate for the main door. The old fashioned way was to go banging away with the hammer. However, using an electric drill is a smart, clean way of going about things.It gets the work done fast, and there is no noise. So your neighbours don’t have to worry about the wall coming down on their heads!

5. Crimpers: A live internet connection is a lifeline. So, when the cables go awry and you face downtime, you don’t need to wait for your internet guy to come in and sort your problem. Because if you notice, most times, the guy will just chip off your ethernet cable, put in new RJ45 connector and fix it with a crimper. To avoid all that hassle, all you need is a crimper and a connector and you will be back online in no time, unless the issue is serious.

6. Multimeter: Remember using the old green screwdriver which lit up at the end when you used it to check whether the wire was live? If you did and have lived to read this, you are a lucky man as there was no fuse in those little things to prevent electrocution. Get a digital multimeter instead. It helps measure voltage, current, and resistance and to check whether the power line is functioning and at what level. If the voltage is too high, the in-built fuse that it has, helps avoid electrocution due to a current overload.

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