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Top 8 Sex Positions For Utmost Pleasure [EXPLICIT CONTENT]

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Inspired by the sexual success of these ancient love teachings (who wouldn’t be?),here is a list of tantric sex positions to tempt, tease, then thoroughly please. Grab your guy and get ready for a trip toward erotic enlightenment.

1.Row His Boat

It’s the bounciest nooky style ever — perfect for teasing your guy with up-and-down action, then shifting gears and going for circular motions.

2.Get Down On It

Syncing up your breathing while in this position will deepen your intimacy as you both ride the wave to a mind-blowing climax.

3.Wow-Him Powwow

Like the standard missionary position, this takes eye contact and body-to-body closeness to the max but adds a passion perk.

4.Time Bomb

This is a highly affectionate pose with maximum upper-body contact, which naturally lends itself to languid kissing, hugging, and caressing.

5.Lap Dance

Spice it up with some extra-special lingerie that you can seductively toss to turn him on to add even more steam to this sack session.

6.Hot-Tub Hug

Take advantage of this you-on-top pose to titillate his pleasure-receptive nipples. Draw gentle circles around them with your fingers as you grind.

7.Tub Tangle

This position makes the most of a confined space allowing you to entwine your bodies and create a connection that’s ideal for intense intimacy.

8.Rock-a-Bye Booty

This move tightens your hold on his member while increasing blood flow to your nether regions, boosting both your bliss.

(via Cosmopolitan)

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