8 Workouts For A Better Sex Life

8 Workouts For A Better Sex Life

By Health Me Up on November 2, 2014
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Workouts are useful for more than just getting fitter and looking better. Some workouts can actually improve your sex life by not just improving your physical confidence, but by strengthening the muscles most used during love-making.

With strengthening, comes flexibility and stamina, and that translates into much better sex. And that’s why today we’re looking at 8 workouts for a better sex life. Read on…

Dance: Dance workouts give your body much needed poise, confidence and flexibility. With several dance workouts available across Indian cities and towns today, we think it’s a great way to get fit while preparing your body for sex. To understand why, just take a look at the different poses that a dance workout enables you to do. Whether it’s salsa, street jazz, or Zumba, your body gets accustomed to moving swiftly, holding difficult positions, and engaging your shoulders, core and pelvic regions – all perfect ingredients for sex.

Belly dancing: Not entirely embraced by serious fitness enthusiasts, belly dancing has its benefits. It isn’t a one-size-fits-all workout, but if exotic dances and sensual flavours motivate you to stick to the fitness game, then try it out. Belly dancing relies very heavily on abdominal and lower body movements with sweeping arm movements. A decent cardio workout, belly dancing might just be a good idea if posture and physical awkwardness are burning issues for you.

Pole dancing: Ever watched a pole dance routine (in a movie, we’re sure!) while wondering how those women move so effortlessly while lifting and balancing their bodies on the poles? An immense strength, core and cardio workout, pole dancing is tough. And the real challenge is completing all those movements while trying to look seductive. Need we say more?

Yoga: A lot is written about how yoga improves just about every aspect of life – cardio health, core strengthening, joint flexibility, muscle preservation…the list is endless. You can easily add improved sex life here, as yoga enables you to learn correct breathing while helping you experience and observe more through your body. The deeper you breathe, and the more you practise yoga’s philosophy of body awareness, the better your sex life will get.

Pilates: Where there’s mention of yoga, Pilates can’t be far behind. It’s true that Pilates is inspired by several yoga influences, which makes it as good for sex as yoga is. Simple Pilate movements like the crunches with elevated upper and lower body almost mimic sex positions. Pilates is a great way to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles.

Weight training: Weight training finds a mention even in workouts for better sex, since it improves blood flow (Read: better and longer stimulation and orgasms) and boost testosterone levels. Optimal testosterone levels in both genders ultimately lead to a great sex life.

Swimming: Swimming is a great way to test your physical endurance levels. Begin with 30 minutes sessions and see how many laps you can swim. Measure improvement in your performance levels each week. You will find that within just a few days, you’ll increase your strength and stamina. Both – perfect for a much improved sex life, we think!

Cardio exercises: Since good sex is associated with better cardiovascular health and efficient blood flow, cardio exercises might just be what the doctor prescribes for your sex life. Functional activities like brisk walking, full body engagement and cross-training cardio with strength routines will work wonders for your heightened pleasure. Most cardio routines have the necessary ingredients to make them great workouts for a better sex life.

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