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Audu Maikori Rearrested From Sick Bed On Orders Of Gov El Rufai

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Audu Maikori, lawyer and Nigerian music industry mogul, has been rearrested by the Nigeria Police Force on the orders of Kaduna Governor, Nasir El Rufai.

According to information available to The Trent, the boss of Chocolate City, was picked up in Lagos, on Friday [March 10, 2017], where he lives and flown to Kaduna City.

Maikori collapsed on Tuesday at a women’s conference hosted by Mo Abudu in Lagos. He was revived at the venue and taken to St. Nicholas Hospital.

On hearing this news, which was reported by The Trent, Governor El Rufai sadistically decided to order that Maikori end pulled out of his sick bed and be take note to Kaduna to face phantom charges of “incitement”.

The governor first ordered the arrest of the music industry mogul in February following advocacy that Maikori, a native of Southern Kaduna, had been doing online over the systematic killing of his people by the Islamist terrorist group, the Fulani herdsmen militia.

Mark Jacob, a lawyer involved in the case, told our reporter on February 17 that a pre-arranged detention order had been issued on Maikori even before he was arrested and his statement taken.

“Audu has been detained. There was nothing we could do as the detention order had been signed before his statement was even taken,” Jacob, an indigene of Southern Kaduna, said. “The superior officers that could vary the detention order had all closed for the day leaving only the rank and file who were apparently, just obeying orders.”

Chocolate City’s flagship artiste, rapper M.I., and the current CEO of the record label took to Twitter to denounce Maikori’s first arrest and call it an attack on free speech.

Audu Maikori Marked

Maikori, was recently the target of the All Progressives Congress’ online attack squad, after he relayed a story about the killing of 6 students of a college of education by Fulani herdsmen terrorists on Twitter.

After intense scrutiny, he discovered that his driver had lied to him about the attack which, Simon, the driver, had said his brother was killed.

Audu Maikori issued a retraction and an apology for the misleading report.

Meanwhile, Governor Nasir El Rufai, in his usual vindictive approach to governance, has threatened to deal with Maikori and other indigenes of Southern Kaduna who advocate against the systematic killings of their people who are dominantly Christian, and therefore, killed by an organised Islamist terrorist group, the Fulani herdsmen militia.

El Rufai, is a Muslim Fulani, and has used his position as governor to defend the Fulani herdsmen and threaten Christians from Southern Kaduna who dare to speak up on the genocide.

A journalist in Vanguard, Luka Binniyat, who relied on Maikori’s driver as the source for reporting on a story about the on-going genocide in Southern Kaduna was also arrested and interrogated by the country’s secret police, charged to court by the Kaduna State government, and remanded in prison on the orders of Governor Nasir El Rufai.

The Southern Kaduna Genocide

Southern Kaduna, a predominantly Christian area of the Northern state of Kaduna in Nigeria, has come under heavy and systematic ethnic and religious cleansing.

Terrorists operating under the umbrellas of the Islamist Fulani Herdsmen Militia, the 4th most deadly terrorist group in the world has been attacking communities in Southern Kaduna, killing, and maiming Christians and burning homes and churches.

Governor Nasir El Rufai of Kaduna State has publicly admitted that his government has found the members of the Fulani militia perpetuating the killing in Southern Kaduna and he has paid them a “compensation” for them to stop the killings. The governor revealed that the militia is made up of Fulani nomads from neighboring Cameroon, Mali, Niger and other countries.

The victims of these murders are Christians and their attackers are on an ethnic and religious cleaning mission, according to the Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN.

While Christians leaders have called on communities under attack to defend themselves against their attackers, Muslim clerics in Kaduna have called for the arrest of Christian religious and political leaders from Kaduna and other parts of the country who have called on Christians to defend themselves against their attackers.

These exchanges have led to an intense political environment.

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