Dear Twitter Overlords, You Can Defend Buhari Without Playing The GEJ Card...

Dear Twitter Overlords, You Can Defend Buhari Without Playing The GEJ Card (READ)

By Opinions | The Trent on December 1, 2016
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FILE - In this Thursday, March 26, 2015 file photo, Former Nigeria's President Goodluck Jonathan, left, and opposition candidate Gen. Muhammadu Buhari, right, prepare to sign a renewal of their pledge to hold peaceful "free, fair, and credible" elections, at a hotel in the capital Abuja, Nigeria. | AP/Ben Curtis

It is funny that some self acclaimed social media overlords are still stucked in self delusion that at every opportunity to knock President Muhammadu Buhari’s dilapidating performance they quickly bring up former President Goodluck Jonathan’s performance as their bait to keep the argument and narrative.

It is funny indeed because many of them do not even know Buhari beyond their nose, when they were chanting his praises prior to 2015 elections. The social media self-acclaimed gurus were delusional individuals, living in ignorance, and who were churning out ignoramus narrative just to suit the job handed to them by their pay masters, without care for what happens thereafter.

Since Buhari became the President, they have been battling to launder his image in the public domain, but it has proven to be an uphill task for them. Many of them according to a reliable information has been rewarded with cash and positions within the government, to keep up the business of defending Mr Buhari. Unfortunately, the more they tried, the more bad things become for them; because their is no single achievement they can lay claim to as an edge to sell their narrative can sell. The situation is like a person who wants to sell a glaring bad product.

Having noticed the resistance by most Nigerians to their attempt to keep maintaining that Buhari was a better option to Jonathan, they now going dragging Jonathan into every narrative that exposes Buhari’s ineptitude. Sadly, they deceitfully avoid comparing available data, as they clearly reveal Buhari’s failure.

While some are paid to do this some others are not, but they are mere fans of APC. Interestingly they are all bleeding along with the economy. But as long as as they have access to the internet, they exhibit this delusion. Nonetheless, few of them have had their brain opened up by the Buhari’s recession.

To many of the yahoo yahoo overlords, Jonathan is the reason why Buhari has not been delivering the dividend of democracy to Nigerians, their reasoning faculty beats every logic. Sometimes one may want to ask if Jonathan tie the hands of Buhari thereby causing him not to perform. Meanwhile, same Jonathan has dropped Buhari from spending over N5 trillion, with no result in the last one year of his administration.

Some of them clearly know that Jonathan is not to be blame. Their over bloated egos would not allow them agree to the fact that they erred in supporting Mr. Buhari in 2015, which eventually led to him becoming the Nigerian President. Now, he has led us into recession.

The most ridiculed amongst this category of the people who on every mention of Buhari ineptitude, call Jonathan’s name are the “I too know” a.k.a I must be seen to know everything all the time. So, they invent falsehood to attempt to control the narratives.

Many of them, who comes to social media to attack Jonathan and other leaders whose performance were way beyond, above and incomparable with Buhari, can’t significantly say this is what Buhari’s government has done to exit the current economic mess. The are locked in self delusion and self aggrandizement, which solves no problem, but just mere social media ranting.

In case they don’t know, we didn’t elect their hero or god Buhari to come and be giving or making excuses, Buhari as a president knew that Nigeria has a lot of problems before he decided to contest for more that three times which he eventually won in 2015. Whether Buhari won based on the numerous campaign tricks and lies or not, the responsibilities is on him to fix the economy without stories.

For the social media overlords, stop deluding yourself, your analysis and comparison between Goodluck Jonathan and Buhari is not making any sense, Jonathan is no more the President. If you don’t have the ball to call out the clueless Buhari on a full scale, just shut up your mouth and ‘face front’. We understand that many of you are benefiting from those arrangee closed door media parley and are being handed some handout for managing social media accounts for government and all your other social media hustle to launder Buhari’s image.

It is a tall task to achieve, since many of you know that no skill can sell bad product as Buhari, and bringing Jonathan in makes it worse for you. Get a more better thing that will enhance your good and that of other Nigerians to do.

We have called on Buhari to resign before he finally run the country aground as nothing else work in Nigeria under his brutal reign.

Adelaja Adeoye is a social and political commentator. He can be reached by email HERE.

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