Chief Justice Of Nigeria Berates Buhari In Face-to-Face Meeting At Aso Rock...

Chief Justice Of Nigeria Berates Buhari In Face-to-Face Meeting At Aso Rock (DETAILS)

By Kenneth Ebelemi | Sub Editor on October 11, 2016
Chief Justice of Nigeria, Justice Mamoud Mohammed taking oath of office in Abuja, Thursday, November 20, 2014. | NAN Photo

Mahmud Mohammed, the Chief Justice of Nigeria, CJN, has confronted President Muhammadu Buhari in a face-to-face meeting in the Presidential Villa following the weekend crackdown on federal judges and two Supreme Court justices by the country’s secret police, The Trent can exclusively report.

The meeting, which held in the morning of Monday, October 10, 2016, was at the instance of the Honourable Justice Mohammed, multiple sources reveal.

Present at the meeting were Lawal Daura, the director-general of the Department of State Security Services, DSS, which serves as the country’s secret police and the president of the National Industrial Court of Nigeria, Babatunde Adejumo.

Our findings are that the meeting was very tense and the chief justice did not mince words when addressing the president on the matter. The visibly infuriated CJN tongue-lashed the president for violating the democratic principles of separation of powers and assuming the unconstitutional status of “supervisor” of the judiciary, an independent arm of government.

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Justice Mohammed accused President Buhari of victimizing the judges targeted in the midnight crackdown by the DSS for refusing to be intimidated by the secret police over the matters of the election petitions of Rivers and Akwa Ibom states.

According to one of our top inside sources, the CJN exposed a series of scare and intimidation tactics carried out by the DSS director general, a kinsman to President Buhari, to make the bench bow to its wishes and overturn the judgement against the current governors of the two oil-rich states.

Mohammed expressly accused the DSS DG of using the name of President Buhari in carrying out what he called an “unprecedented attempt to influence the bench and pervert justice” in the country. The president was visibly upset by the revelations and repeatedly denied knowledge of such harassment of judges by the DSS.

Mr. Daura attempted to deny knowledge of such subterranean moves and claimed that the judges that were arrested, in what the secret police wrongly termed as “sting operation”, were corrupt. A claim which saw the CJN shout him down telling him to shut up and sit down.

After lambasting the secret police boss, Justice Mohammed proceeded to unreel instances in which Daura contacted judges handling the election petition cases claiming that ruling in favour of the All Progressives Congress, APC, candidates was “what President Buhari wanted”. Again, the president denied issuing such instructions.

The CJN also revealed that the minister of transportation, Rotimi Amaechi offered the judges millions of dollars to overturn their ruling on the two election petitions. He said the honourable justices rebuffed Amaechi because they were hellbent on delivering a sound judgment on the cases which had been unduly sensationalised by politicians.

Justice Mohammed revealed that Amaechi also said that he was acting on the orders of the president and that in actual fact, the judges arrested over the weekend were those who refused to be corrupted by the DSS and Amaechi and insisted on preserving the independence and integrity of the bench.

On this revelation, Buhari presented a disturbed contenance, our sources say. The president requested that the CJN puts down his position in writing, which we are reliably informed has been done.

Insiders revealed to The Trent that the climate in Aso Rock is unusually tense following the posture and damning revelations by the CJN.

There are whispers in the corridors that based on the gravity of the allegations against the DSS director and Amaechi, Buhari may let go of the duo to “clear his name from the embarrassing episode’, a top security source told our reporter.

Justice Mohammed went on to describe the DSS action as “very saddening”, “deeply regrettable” and a “distressing and unfortunate” incident when he later addressed the valedictory court session held in honour of a retiring Justice of the Supreme Court, Suleiman Galadima. The attorney general of the federation and minister of justice, Abubakar Malami was conspicuously absent at the event on Monday.

In the early hours of Saturday, October 8, 2016, operatives of the county’s secret police invaded the homes of a number of senior judges and abducted some of them from the homes under the guise of an anti-corruption battle. 

“My lords, invited guests, ladies and gentlemen, not to detract from this occasion, it is indeed very saddening and deeply regrettable, the distressing and unfortunate incident which occurred on Friday, October 7 and Saturday, October 8, 2016,” Mohammed said at the valedictory court session held in honour of a retiring Justice of the Supreme Court, Suleiman Galadima

President Buhari appointed Lawal Daura, his kinsman from his hometown in Katsina on July 2, as head of the DSS after firing Ita Ekpeyong. Daura was recalled from retirement as he had retired from the service of the DSS when he reached the mandatory age of 60 according to the Civil Service rules of Nigeria. He is also a member of Buhari’s political party, the All Progressives Congress (APC) and served on the security committee for Buhari’s presidential campaign.

While the election petitions were being heard at the courts,  the INEC resident electoral commissioners (RECs) for Akwa Ibom, Austin Okojie, was detained and tortured for 13 days and his Rivers State counterpart, Gesila Khan , was also detained for two weeks by Nigeria’s secret police. The harassment, detention, and torture of electoral officials of the two oil rich states was reportedly connected with the interest of President Buhari in reclaiming electoral victory from main opposition party, the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) in those states.

None of the INEC officials detained by the DSS have been charged with any crime and the election petitions were eventually ruled in favour of the PDP by the Supreme Court.


  1. Muhammadu Buhari thinks he, a bloody illiterate without a secondary school certificate can clown judges, lawyers and other members of the legal profession. His stupidity is worse than I thought.

      • Whoever you are I guess you are a quota system dullard just like Buhari. It’s vermin like you that is the problem of Nigeria.

        I hope Nigeria breaks up soon. True.

      • You are the real imbecile here. Buhari is an illiterate. It’s not an insult. You can only argue that such assertion is subjective rather than name calling. Now go tell your god Buhari that he is a failure in addition to his lack of wisdom.

        • So, what are you concerned with? You mean that it is evil to ‘insult the president of Nigeria’ and thankful to ‘remember how GEJ was insulted’?

      • The actions of your president shows that indeed he’s an illiterate,he has gone past his prime and he’s just a confused man, he should go back to his farm and tend to his cattle..

    • Only a product of ‘Baby factory’ can talk this way without manners, self respect and decorum. Whichever religion one practices, one is restrained to talk to elders and persons of superior authority with disdain, contempt or disrespect. Let’s look at national issues beyond the confines of ethno-religious disposition.

      • Let me guess, you are a product of child marriage and child rape (not to trivialise the issue of child marriage which is a plague and a stain on Northern Nigeria).

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  2. It’s unfortunate that a sane man can call a major general in the army an illiterate, when the courses they go tru all over the world you cannot even ever afford in your lifetime. As to the CJN I don’t have any iota of respect for him, a CJN who could preside over a meeting where a judge who took 200milion bribe is ask to be paying back instalmentally and left to go. What a shame

    • Does the CJN have powers to throw a judge in jail? He suspended the said judge and recommend his dismissal from service in the state he is employed. The Police should take it from there. Go read the details and leave the CJN alone!

  3. Mr president is simply witch-hunting his opposition party,he is not in any way fighting corruption but he LL certainly fail

  4. Buhari must show his certificate. How can an illiterate manage a country like Nigeria. where is wole Soyinka , mama BBG and other so called elites that brought this fraud to us. Why can’t every one rise up to ask Buhari to produce his WASC. No university will award certificate to any student that gain admission with fake or letter headed paper. If Buhari can’t produce his WASC he should be made to refund all the salary he had earned all his life because it’s fraud. Nigerians should stop to be foolish, whenever the abuse is becoming too much for the govt they would sudenly come up with fake breaking news of trillion naira stolen by one person or the other thus keeping some stupid Nigerians and stupid journalist busy, and illiterte fooling seemingly intelligent Nigerians.
    Buhari show your certificate. Operation Buhari show your certificate campaign shall soon rock the nation.This fraud must stop. Nigerians can not be taken for a ride.

  5. If the president has recovered so much money as is being alleged, why is he crying that there is no money to implement the budget. The year is almost gone and there is nothing to show for it. May God deliver Nigeria.

    • But Bro Jona holds a Phd and he failed us all!!! What has degrees got to do with governance? We miss the point here every time.

  6. Buhari is scam, Tinibu and the Yorubas are regretting, herdsmen now go abt with guns killing people, fighting only opposition is corruption itself, the Jibrin and vs the leadership of house of Rep case is gradually going under the carpet, the corrupt Judges r only d ones who gave judgement in favour of PDP, Forex is abt 500 now, U ban importation of rice when there’s no local n reliable product for it, now ur scared n u lift d ban. U give forex at a subsidised rate to pilgrims who doesn’t constitute any economic benefit to the country. Buhari is a serious scam. Some day God will sanitise Belove Naija

  7. i ve only but one question to ask, government of Nigeria has been telling us how they recover millions of dollars from this / that person still they tell us that government has no money, were are those recovered money? can some one help me with this question please?

    • Why are calling each others names if they recover money doesn’t mean its ready to be spent there is process that need to follow before he can be put to rest. Everyone amazed me by their comment l see that some are still bitter about the election that has been won. If an ordinary citizen steal a cell phone in the market he or she might be killed but you come on the social media to defend these judges? While did they go after these judges? there must be an evidence let everyone be dealt with and answer there charges in the court of law. Do you know how much has been spent to built up a case against a supreme court judges? Please let stop calling each others names.

  8. Hello Judicial Officers as u call yourselves. U’re all rogues. U’ve collectively drag judiciary from grace 2 grass. Whether PMB go 2 school or not, he is ur President 2day. Why dont u go n remove him n put ur favourite their. Stupid pple. A chacole calling put Blackman.

  9. can we be reasonable for once n follow matters as they unfold? CJN is saying that amaechi n daura offered millions of dollars for the judges to rule the case in favour of APC saying they were sent by Buhari. wot if dey had accepted the moni n did as dey requested would der be any arrest in d first place? some tym past u ppl were commenting abt saraki let d law take its stand. change change change. today cos buhari needed his help somewhere der is no case against him again. wot corruption are we fighting n how are we fighting it?

  10. after all said n done we will come to realize whose govt is more corrupt. looting of our treasury is not condonable atall buh if u can tell urself d truth since buhari entered office nigeria has witnessed witch-hunt, tyrancy, tribalism, winnere takes n so on its its highest place. Nigeria is now corrupt to d meaning of corruption

  11. This is very interesting, no one is above the law,the judges should be jailed if found guilty and this should serve as a deterrent to others but if all these are just set up,then our presido has failed and don’t deserve to continue as such

  12. Hehehe, I thing people need to suggest better ways of how to handle issues rather than abusing one another on social media. Both north n south have very learned pple. I thing all we need is sincere n committed leadership vested in d learned class. It seems Buhari has d highest goodwill n trust of norterners which d south as a whole is also supposed to have one like him. That way, we can start thinking of handing power to also test him n see what he can contribute. Gentlement let’s looking at individuals n not party, sabificate not certificate. We hv seen PhD guys dat can not properly adressed any category of audience even with written speeches, they start n end fidgeting. Its high time we start thinking of when every part can go on its own as a nation so we can be freed from d bondage of everyday insult bcos of fuel that is not anybody’s effort that put it in a particular area.

  13. Reading all the contributions I can’t but say that some people are not cut out to be part of a decent society where the system should be road map all should follow not the man……am sorry to state here that with buhari at the helm of affairs Nigeria is heading to the cliff…..period

  14. If CJN is indirectly supporting corruption for the sake of his profession without thinking of the consequencies, that means he is as well corrupt, Has he asked himself the amount of foreign currencies found with the shameless Judges?

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