5 Easiest Countries In The World To Get Permanent Residency

5 Easiest Countries In The World To Get Permanent Residency

By Dana Hughes | Business Contributor on January 18, 2018
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Looking for a perfect place for settling in permanently? You came to the right place. Getting permanent residency in the country you are not born in is not a piece of cake. But some areas make an exception in that case, and their paperwork is more straightforward as compared to the other. Still, you will have to go through some process before getting permanent residency. You must look for many things before deciding a final place. Seeing the weather, the people, the country’s education scheme, the state’s taxing policy, and overall, the country’s living strategies.

If Trump’s new Immigration Solutions have been a pain for you, here is the list of places that you should consider for permanent residence.

  • Belize

It is on the eastern side of West America. You can get permanent residency by just living here for five years or more. The best part is that it has beautiful natural scenery and has everything needed for making your life comfortable. The only restriction is that you must make $2000 or above to make sure you can meet up with the countries need and their lifestyle. It should be your bank balance every month. If you are unable to make enough money, then your application would be delayed or ultimately rejected. Another restriction is that if both or even one of your parent is a citizen of the country with which Belize has declared war with, you will not be qualified for the permanent placement.

  • Panama

You must have heard this country’s name before because of the leniency in this countries policy. You can apply for permanent residency just after living for five years. After that, they will require some medical reports, your income script, your bank script, just to make sure your financial state is stable. After that, if you meet all the requirements, you will be assigned the permanent residency.

  • Ecuador

Getting permanent placement here is the easiest because the country requires two basic things, that is, a clear criminal record and more than $1000 in your bank. If you have these two things on point, you are good to go. One more thing that might become a problem for you is that you need to be in the country most of the time. To give you exact statistics, you can spend only 90 days out of the country in the span of 3 years. The country again must know that you are earning enough to meet their lifestyle. You need to earn more than $800 per month.

  • Belgium

If you are Swiss national or citizen of an EU/EEA country, then you are halfway there to get permanent residency. If you are a citizen of the following countries, you should live in Belgium for five years, and they will automatically make you a permanent citizen. If you belong from other countries, you will have to live for five years and then apply for permanent placement. Once you become a permanent citizen, Belgium will provide you with all the rights of any other citizen. You will be able to vote, appear in all the social events, will enjoy all the job opportunities. When you have a permanent occupation, you will be allowed to leave the country for two years.

  • France

France, again a dreamy place to settle in. Getting permanent residency here is not as much of a problem as you would think. You need to live here for five continuous years. After that, some paperwork will be done, and you will be given every right from education to healthcare and jobs etc. but you still won’t be allowed to cast a vote.


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