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Delta Community in Fear Following Brutal Cult Killing of Popular ‘Commissioner’

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DELTA, Nigeria — A cloud of fear and uncertainty has fallen upon the Orhunwhorhun Community in Udu Local Government Area of Delta State, following the grisly murder of a young man on Wednesday, May 24, 2023, known locally as “Commissioner.”

Details surrounding the motives behind the savage slaying remain scarce, amplifying concerns in an already rattled community.

The affiliation of the victim to any local cult groups is also unclear at this point.

The brutal incident has triggered a wave of panic, prompting many residents and indigenes to flee the area in fear of reprisal attacks.

An eyewitness on the ground, who wishes to remain anonymous due to the sensitive nature of the issue, provided a chilling account of the event.

The victim, according to the witness, was cornered during a clash among suspected rival cult groups.

His assailants then launched a savage attack, using machetes, cutlasses, battle axes, and broken bottles, leaving his body mutilated in a scene of horrific violence.

“The attackers waited till he breathed his last. It was an unspeakable act of brutality,” the eyewitness recounted, a palpable sense of horror resonating in their voice.

Following the incident, there are reports of threats from the suspected cultists who have allegedly vowed to return at night to “complete their missions.”

These ominous warnings have deepened the atmosphere of dread, as local residents live in constant fear of further violence.

Efforts to reach the Delta State Police Public Relations Officer, DSP Bright Edafe, for comments on the incident have so far been unsuccessful.

The community now anxiously awaits an official response and assurance of safety from the local law enforcement.

The brutal killing and subsequent threats have once again underscored the issue of cult violence that plagues many communities in Nigeria, leaving an indelible mark of fear and despair.

As the situation in Orhunwhorhun remains tense, residents can only hope for an immediate intervention to restore peace and order.

“I just want to feel safe in my own home again,” says one fleeing resident, encapsulating the sentiments of a community pushed to the brink.

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