Gone Viral: ‘Nigerians Are Corrupt And Need To Leave America’ – Donald...

Gone Viral: ‘Nigerians Are Corrupt And Need To Leave America’ – Donald Trump?

By Chidinma Unigwe | Sub Editor on January 17, 2016
Donald Trump

Updated at 7pm Nigerian Time on Tuesday, January 19, 2015

Editor’s Note: It has been found that Donald Trump never made the comments threatening to send Nigeria’s packing from America if he won the US Presidential elections.


Reports that billionaire real estate tycoon and Republican Presidential hopeful, Donald Trump has made another outrageous declaration on his hugely popular campaign trail has gone viral. This time, the target of Trump’s alleged outburst are Nigerians in America.

According to social media posts, Trump allegedly called out on Africans with a threat to send those in the United States away if he wins the upcoming election.

The citizen posts say that Trump went into a rage during a rally at Wichita, Kansas where he re-emphasized the need to rid America of Muslims.

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Trump laid an extra emphasis on the Nigerians who he referred to as ‘corrupt’ and further promised to send away because they have taken all the jobs meant for honest hard working Americans.

He said: “To make America great again, we need to get rid of the Muslims, Mexicans and the Africans, especially the Nigerians. They take all our jobs, jobs meant for honest hard working Americans, and when we don’t give them the jobs, the Muslims blow us up.”

“We need to get the Africans out. Not the blacks, the Africans. Especially, the Nigerians. They’re everywhere. I went for a rally in Alaska and met just one African in the entire state. Where was he from? Nigeria! He’s in Alaska taking our jobs. They’re in Houston taking our jobs. Why can’t they stay in their own country? Why? I’ll tell you why. Because they are corrupt.

“Their governments are so corrupt, they rob the people blind and bring it all here to spend. And their people run away and come down here and take our jobs! We can’t have that! If I become president, we’ll send them all home. We’ll build a wall at the Atlantic shore. Then maybe we’ll re-colonize them because obviously they did not learn a damn thing from the British!”

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Surprisingly, Trump was applauded by the 10,000 audience who were predominantly of the Caucasian race.

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Trump is renowned for his religious and ethnic hate speeches. Following his anti-Muslim speech, Scotland sacked him as their global ambassador while his honorary degree was revoked.

it was gathered that the British authorities are planning to slam him with a travel ban and he threatened to pull his $1 billion investment from the country if they dare slam him with the ban.


  1. I have no problem with the rantings of Trump because no matter how you looked at it he has made his point. Tell our politicians to stop stealing and characters like DT will welcome us with open arms as before when we did not need Visa to visit most countries.

  2. well if only Nigerians can see, this is the real Antichrist dark inside fair outside people like this don’t
    even believe in God

  3. well if only Nigerians can see, this is the real Antich
    rist dark inside fair outside people like this don’t
    even believe in God,after all corruption started from people like Trump
    he is even too old so,l guess his old age is disturbing him

  4. He is right about our leaders being corrupt but i will still plead with him not to deport us because what drive us from Nigeria is corruption. and jobless.

  5. They most be a revolution in dis country, what is our so call corrupt leaders are going to do now????Maybe dis will make us the good people of Nigeria to stand up and fight for our right… WE CAN CONTINUE THIS WAY

  6. Thank you trump. What do you expect when the world reads about how corrupt our leaders are, or how corrupt our citizens are over there? The likes of Alison madueke, or Gen Sani Abachas loot being returned? And many more like Dasuki gate scandal. I don’t blame the rich man jare! Recal this is the same reason we were killed in SA accusing Nigerians of taking all their jobs…until we get it right in here, we’re going no where. Final.

    • You be correct person abeg, some of us don’t just think when we read articles we just react harshly, afterall, Trumpet Trump is absolutely right!

  7. the stupid man is right some how, our hopeless Politicians are the crux of the matter here , i just hope they would realized that and change their character and the way they loot our treasury and deposited it in foreign account like Swiss bank, e.t.c

  8. well am short of words but what this man is saying may sound funny but that true how lo , how long will Nigerians be looking for a short cut just to survive we must stay in our country suffered everything in there and got survive by we Nigeria’s, our leaders have kept us into deep sorrows, will Americans fight for us? mine is no we have to do it by our self,not running into western world looking for butter bread.i am appealing to all Nigerians to come back home united and deal with our corrupt leader so that we can secure a better future to our future generation.
    Thank God Help Nigerian

  9. With all my education, hard work and high ethical disposition, I always feel stigmatized just because I was born as a Nigeria. I think is high time Nigerian starts some of cleansing of people with corrupt antecedent so as to deter who be corrupt person in the future. I cannot imagine my children’s children taking on this stigma. It’s so sad….

  10. I remember a man of God said some year ago that many Nigeria oversea will be deported back and lot of them will become stranger in there own land, if Trump bc America president just get ready

  11. well, this Man is right, but as for the decision of deporting Nigeria is unfair, Our government are the main reason why we find it difficult to stay in our country, imagine we have a natural resources but the foreign countries are the one enjoying it.

    I just pray our leaders will see this post.

  12. We need to honestly change our habits when it particularly relates to love of money. I nearly wept when I read this news. It’s rather very unfortunate!

  13. Crazy democracy from america is at it again,I blame our leaders 4 borrowing d system,I opt 4 demowise as a wise way out of our present political coma.

  14. Crazy democracy from america is at it again,I blame our leaders 4 borrowing d system,I opt 4 demowise as a wise way out of our present political coma.

  15. Must they told you that America is a cheat they are liars. That’s how they destroy Arab countries killing innocent people just because of one story building. The mission completed by Bush.africa must stay from America the earlier the better

  16. This Xenophobic cheat of a [email protected] Trump.We know our leaders re corrupt and working towards it,we don’t need your kinds to remind us about this.Even yo Obama is corrupt.mad old man like you.Nigerians re better than your pple that’s while we re taking over your land.idiot like u!

  17. The revolution of earthly cleansing of our Nation Nigeria from curruption must be now, if we all in these socio-media platform wish it will come to pass without doing anything, we will wait until we pass it on to our next generation, largely plundering the African Continent. Facing the ugly circonstances revolution seems to be a panacea, but collective franchise right is the lasting solution, even though our leaders are imperturb with the state of the Nation bcus they benefit.

  18. Well am very dumbfounded when i red d news from US by Trump he is write he throw a very big stone to Nig & is a challenge to them take a look at Nig since British colonize Nig gave them republic starting f4m 1960 Nig has their independent up today bribing &corruption,fraud,kidnaping,bad Gov,lies ,stealing,hatred,no law abiding, no more democracy again,bomb every where but no one is fighting have someone ask him/herself question the Gov why must this bomb since 2010 Goodluck’s administration,because we are in a democracy all this corruption are still existing in Nig counting from yr one till Nig at 55 have it not reach d time Nig will build a better country like America upon all the mineral resources in Nig, they called it giant of Africa but they are like poollers in Africa , all this is why Mr Trump called Nig corrupt country & it’s a big shame to Nig gov since 1960-2016, Nig at 55 & some people are jubilating,also all this is why we Biafrans need go & build our own country to our taste because we have taste since i was born up till date i have not experience any good thing in Nig.

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