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Exploring The Weight Loss Benefits Of Matcha Green Tea

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Weight loss programs are a national obsession in the United States of America with 2/3rd of the population known to be either overweight or obese. There is a concerted effort being propagated nationally to arrest this very alarming situation but eating habits and genetic constrains are placing a severe pressure on everyone with no visible change to be foreseen in the near future on the horizon.

Americans have been perennially consuming foods that are rich in fatty acids and has raised cholesterol levels in the average American to alarming levels. If this trend continues we could have the whole population of the country overweight and obese before the turn of the next century. There are very simple ways to ensure you get back to good health, cut down on weight and deviate from being obese. It is not magic that you would need but a few changes in your eating habits, and consuming some very easily available foods which could control weight and wean you from being obese.

matcha green tea weight loss weightloss

Physical Exercise Cannot Be Waived

The habit of exercising should be a top priority for everyone which would not need to take you to a gym every day. Anyone could exercise anywhere and keeping your body in perfect order is an individual prerogative and practicing a routine would help you to avoid being overweight and obese. More than anything that you would do exercise should be a daily chore and those who would follow such a routine could avoid being overweight and obese.

Matcha Tea As Weight Loss Aid

We may find it difficult to assimilate that a bowl or two of Matcha tea could help you immensely in controlling overweight issues and keep you away from being relegated as obese. The farming, harvesting and processing of this specially formulated tea if directed to specially keep your body and soul clear and healthy. Matcha tea has been consumed since time immemorial by the Japanese Zen Buddhist monks and they have found that the health benefits derived from it is incomparable to any other green tea.

The high content of amino acids and other inherent properties in Matcha tea has contributed largely to these Zen minks to be much healthier and fitter in body and soul than others of that age and even today. The reason could be attributed to the frequent consumption of Matcha tea which they formulated centuries ago. It is the art of processing the normal tea leaves derived from the same plant identified by its botanical name Camellia sinensis that makes Matcha tea stand out among all other green and black teas.

matcha green tea weight loss weightloss

Matcha tea is good at controlling cholesterol levels and has inherent properties to help in preventing cardiovascular diseases and has been consumed regularly in Japan which has one of the lowest complaints of heart diseases in the world. The Americans list high on the scale and are prone to heart attacks and other cardiovascular diseases because of the lifestyle we practice, It is imperative that we change our ways and in the meantime take stock of what we could consume which would help in our quest to remain on the right side of the health scale.

Once you become obese it may be quite a difficult task to get back to normal health hence it is imperative that we control our lifestyle especially our eating habits if we are to prevent being struck by all the health issues under the Sun. There is a very wide popularity growing across the United States on the consumption of Matcha tea which is a good effort in the right direction. It the consumption of this specialty brew of green tea could be popularized we could have a better society much healthier at the turn of the next century.

If not we could be staring in the mirror with obese bodies that would overflow form the edge of all mirrors that we would look ourselves with. There is an urgent need to rectify this national problem and there is no better way than deviating from our perennial dependence on coffee and turn to drinking Matcha tea regularly. Two cups of Matcha tea per day would do us a world of good and then habit would need to be cultivated in all Americans before iot would be too late.

The Japanese have kept themselves fit in body and mind due to their very frugal eating habits and their consumption of selected foods that have helped them in this quest. Matcha tea ranks high on their agendas when you would list the healthiest foods that they would consume regularly. Matcha tea has been gifted to the average Japanese from their ancestors and if we could use it as a Godsend to control our national problem of being overweight and obesity, so be it.

matcha green tea weight loss weightloss

There are many things that we Americans could learn from the world and being a very young nation with a history spanning just above two centuries there are many things that we could pick up from the rest of the world. If they would help we would need to look at them very seriously and if we do it would help us immensely. Matcha tea could be just one example and it could bring about an overall change in our metabolism and also help to solve a national problem.

We need to take this as a positive step and there is a effort being made by popular beverage outlets across the United States to introduce Matcha tea which should be encouraged and seen as a good step in the right direction. It is often said “the longest journey would start with the first step” and this effort to bring Matcha tea into the public domain in the United States would help in the future. It is being introduced at the most appropriate time hence picking up the habit of drinking “a bowl or two of Matcha tea a day could keep the doctor away”.

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