Femi Fani-Kayode: Brexiting From Nigeria

Femi Fani-Kayode: Brexiting From Nigeria [MUST READ]

Map of Nigeria north
Restructuring Nigeria: The map showing the 6 geopolitical regions of the country.

“Every bird flies with its own kind. Crows fly with crows and eagles fly with eagles.” – Muyhideen Ibn Arabi.

Muyhideen Ibn Arabi (1165 AD -1240 AD) was one of the greatest clerics, philosophers, teachers, poets, intellectuals, spiritual masters and Sufi Muslim scholars that ever lived.

A native of Andalusia in modern-day southern Spain, his knowledge, wisdom, moral authority and influence shook the very foundations of the entire civilised world and helped to shape both Muslim and non-Muslim philosophy, literature and thinking through the ages.

As was always the case with him, the simple yet profound words that he has spoken here ring true. In simple and clear terms he has spoken the bitter and unpalatable truth. For those that disagree permit me to ask the following questions.

What does a compassionate, gentle, refined, beautiful, reticent and kind-hearted bird like a flamingo have in common with an aggressive, repugnant, violent, greedy, loud, flesh-eating and ugly winged-beast and bestial creature like a crow. What does a peacok have in common with a vulture?

What does a kiwi have in common with an ostritch? What does a penguin have in common with a quail? And what does the noble, courageous and regal eagle have in common with a heartless chicken, a singing partridge, a humming pigeon, a red robin, a caged and chirping budgerigar or a cuckoo out of hell?

We flow best and fellowship with understanding and commonality of purpose when we do so with our own. And when I speak about “our own” I am not necessarily referring to those that are from the same race or share the same religious faith as we do but rather those that share our values, standards, ethics, etiquette, heritage, culture and civilised worldview.

Anything less is a clumsy and oftentimes dangerous attempt to have fellowship between light and darkness which always ends in catastrophy and chaos and which is expressly forbidden in the holy scriptures and by the Word of God.

They say birds of a feather stick together. It follows that anything and everything that falls short of that is a match made in hell. And as it is in the bird and animal kingdom, so it is in the world of independent countries and sovereign nations and in the land of men. Strange bedfellows coupled together against their will never excel and rarely can they find happiness or know peace.

It is for this reason that many stand against the concept of the hybrid mongrel state and the man-made, artificial contraptions that the disciples and prophets of globalisation seek to establish, engender and foist on an increasingly skeptical world.

The Lugardian formula of a forced union and amalgamation of ethnic incompatibles and different and conflicting races, religions and cultures in one national super-stratem always results in a depressed, decaying and dysfunctional nation where mutual respect, love and trust has no place.

Permit me to be specific. Let us consider Great Britain. I believe that BREXIT is the best thing for the United Kingdom and that is why I support my old friend Boris Johnson for the position of Prime Minister.

I do not see anything wrong in people trying to take their country back from foreigners and aliens.

Again I do not see anything wrong in rejecting a model, association and system of government which takes your identity, power, self-respect and dignity away from you and allows your nation to be controlled and your fate and destiny to be determined by a small group of unelected faceless officials and technocrats who reside at the heart of the European Union in Brussels.

A people and a nation ought to control their own destiny and not concede that right to others. And of course this is what we need to do in Nigeria.

We must take control of our destiny, free our people from bondage and slavery and wrestle control and power back from those who worship cows, who live by the sword, who relish in shedding blood and who came to our land from distant shores.

We must send them back to Guinea, Mali, Niger Republic, Chad and Futa Jalon where they originally came from. We MUST get our country back!

Failing that we must march out of this illicit, godless, accursed and unsolicited forced union and establish our own new nation.

The concept of the multi-racial, multi-cultural, hybrid, mongrel nation-state has failed in Nigeria and resulted in nothing but Fulanisation and Islamisation. We cannot bear it any longer and neither should we have to.

The British that forced it upon us long ago and that put us in this unworkable, evil contraption without ever even consulting us have themselves rejected the concept of a multi-racial and multi-cultural society and are no longer prepared to accept it in their shores. BREXIT presents an eloquent testimony to that and there is plenty more to come.

You can call me xenophobic, I really do not care! I am proud of my history, culture, heritage, racial stock, religious faith and who and what I am. I can trace by bloodlines and lineage back to five generations and that is deeply gratifying and inspiring to me. It is from there and the Spirit of God that I draw my strength.

I know the values and virtues that my forefathers cherished, fought for and lived by and I intend to inculcate such values and virtues in each of my sons and daughters.

You cannot expect me to jettison all that in the name of misguided liberalism, leftist dogma and political correctness. You cannot compel me to accept your vain notion of a multi-racial melting pot where my racial and religious identity is sacrificed on the alter of “one Nigeria”.

For the last 59 years of our existence as a nation we have tried to live together in peace with those that consider us as nothing but vassals, subjects and slaves and that regard themselves as being divinely ordained and born to rule and it has been disasterous.

When this notion was forcefully and legitimately challenged in 1967 by a proud, strong and noble people with an irrepressable republican and Christian heritage known as the Biafrans, it led to a barbaric civil war and the genocide and ethnic cleansing of 3 million of their civilian population, including 1 million children who were starved to death!

And since then millions more from all over the country have been maimed, disfigured and slaughtered by those that have been doing such things to others since 1804 when they launched their first jihad in what was to later become known as northern Nigeria.

For the last 105 years “One Nigeria” has resulted in nothing but misery, suffering, subjugation, slavery, war, conflict, dissention, contention, strife, failure, terror, mass murder, genocide and ethnic and religious cleansing for the millions of sad, traumatised, brutalised, impoverished and beleagured people that live within its sanguine and blood-drenched borders.

What compels and constrains us to continue to accept such an arrangement and state of affairs and what makes us want to silence and destroy all those that challenge it? Are we under a spell? Have we been charmed and bewitched? Is that why we accept the abnormal as being normal and the unacceptable as being acceptable?

Is our quest for freedom not a natural and noble thing? Is our quest for liberation and our desire to be treated with dignity and respect and to be regarded as equals unreasonable and unacceptable? Surely not!

Why must we continue to live together in one country with tyrants, vandals, goths, visigoths and barbarian conquerors who regard us as nothing but sub-human vassals that deserve to be slaughtered like flies at the dtop of a hat?

Why should we continue to accept the notion of “one Nigeria” if our story is one of master and servant, slave and slave-master, horse and horserider and constant humiliation, persecution, marginalisation and mutual suspicion and hate?

I totally reject the concept, ethos and notion of multi-racialism, multi-culturalism and globalisation. I am proud of being a nationalist. I am proud of being on the far-right. I am proud of being a Bible-believing, devout and conservative Evangelical Christian.

I am proud of my Judeo/Christian heritage and education. I am proud of being a southerner and I am proud of being a Yoruba.

May the Lord shame and destroy our enemies and may He preserve our people and our race.

Permit me to end this contribution with the deeply insightful and profound words of Mr. Nur Miracle. On 25th June 2019 he wrote the following on Facebook.

“Forget about civility, democracy and everything that goes with them. And I am not discounting the importance of abiding by them; so, don’t get me wrong.

But, the truth is that this world is about conquest, displacements and subjugation. Life in itself is brutish. Its about the survival of the fittest.

Think about the British and European conquests and colonization of everywhere they colonized, to understand my point. It took the decimation and near extinction of indigenous populations for the Europeans to be able to own the Americas, Africa, parts of Asia and places like the US and Canada.

People were killed in their millions for them to achieve this, and the memories of those annihilated are long forgotten, while the Europeans took over, and everything is now normal.

Today, people struggle from around the world to secure visas to go and live in the U.S, Canada or similar ‘white’ countries. But, do they know that beneath the foundations of these so-called ‘civilized nations’ are rivers of the blood the indigenous people?

My point is that we see the same pattern of conquests shaping up in Nigeria, by Fulani jihadists, but it appears that we don’t recognize it.

Everyone should wake up to fight and live or risk being annihilated by Fulanis. That’s just the truth!”

Mr. Nur is right and I concur with all that he has said.

Finally consider the words of Mrs. Shola Salako. On 26th June 2019 she wrote the following on Facebook:

“This is how it works! Informed sources tell us that across the Middle Belt, our internal colonial masters the Fulani foreigner and her puppets accuse indigenous communities of having weapons.

They then send the Army, Police etc. to raid people’s homes, even taking knives.

A few hours after they have taken the weapons the Fulani terrorists arrive, rape, steal and kill the indigenous people.

They will also burn down whole villages making many homeless. This is what they have done most recently in Taraba, Benue, Adamawa, Plateau etc..

The owners of the land are then placed in Internal Displacement Camps. The foreigners then take the land claiming its theirs.

Another trick that the imperialists use is to send a senior army man to say he wants to speak to your youth. The youths gather and are arrested.

Shortly afterwards with the youths out of the way, Fulani terrorists arrive to rape, steal, kill and destroy. Note they used it effectively in Taraba recently.

See why Danjuma says “they collude?” Hopefully the South are awake to these tricks”.

Shola is right. Her analysis of the modus operandi of the cowardly Fulani terrorists and the support that they get from the establishment is accurate and valid. I can confirm that.

Permit me to conclude with the following:

1. Fulani radio station approved.

2. Fulani can continue carrying their AK 47’s.

3. Fulani are NOT terrorists even though they are committing genocide.

4. Fulani settlements are to be set up all over the country.

5. Non-Fulani are to be disarmed.

Honestly I weep for this country. Is anyone surprised that millions of people from all over the south and the Middle Belt believe that it is time to BREXIT from Nigeria?

Femi Fani-Kayode is a lawyer, a Nigerian politician, an evangelical christian, an essayist, a poet and he was the Special Assistant (Public Affairs) to President Olusegun Obasanjo from July 2003 until June 2006. He was the minister of culture and tourism of the Federal Republic of Nigeria from June 22nd to Nov 7th 2006 and as the minister of Aviation from Nov 7th 2006 to May 29th 2007. He runs a syndicated column on The Trent. He tweets from@realFFK.

The opinions expressed in this article are solely those of the author.


  1. It is getting serious and I am not surprised because the gullible among our tribes sold out for a morsel of bread to aid in reinstalling the despot we tried all could do to convince them and refocus their belief but all fell on deaf ears.Where we are today is not arrived today but by a decision taken by some people because of religious and personal sentiments.So much blood is flow in the land of Nigeria daily and it is high time we took a firm stand say no more to unholy alliance.

  2. Nigetia’s faultlines are generated from amalgamation of its region’s by the colonial masters and the remedy is in our hands if our southern brothers and sisters will be kind and sensible enough to throw away religious card that some people use to make up their number for political gains,this played out in 2019 elections and it helped in reinstalling the despot inspite of our effort to convince the gullible among us they still went to the poll and did the biddings of their religious masters.Now no religion is spared in the ongoing wave of kidnapping and armed banditry that have crept into the southern region.It’s high time to take a firm stand and say NO to unholy, unfavourable and unprofitable alliance.

  3. The concept of a utopian monolithic homogenous Oodua Nation that Fani Kayode is espousing here is not only contrary to the natural order of ecological interdependence among species but it is dangerously Hitlerian. To equate another ethnic group to what he sleekly termed “aggressive, repugnant, loud, flesh-eating, and ugly winged-beast and bestial creature like a crow, has the ring of white supremacist Hitler describing Jews before their extermination.

    The kind of utopian ethnically pure, anti-multiculturalism, anti-globalism anti-multiracial nation state that FFK is espousing does not exist anywhere in the world not even in his newly found love, post-Brexit UK. UK remains one of the most ethnically, cultural and religiously diverse countries on the planet. It’s crown jewel, London has as its mayor a Muslim of Pakistani extraction. There are even Nigerians in its parliament. An irony given that in FKK Utopia Oodua Nation, all other ethnic groups will be uprooted amen forced out of Yorubaland because in his words “birds of the same feather should only flock together anything else is against the natural order as if we are a bunch of birds mindless flying in the sky.

    In his macabre Kabuki dance of the absurd, he seems in his eloquently constructed but dangerous post, to be drawing a parallel line between Brexit and the breakup of Nigeria. To equate Brexit to the kind of hateful secessionist agenda being pushed by gadfly demagogue FFK is to play on our collective intelligence.

    The EU was a voluntary economic union, with agreed upon economic and political framework, into which European countries willingly appended their signatures to join. EU came about in an effort to create a larger and more competitive unified market in a globalized economy. The EU also created a mechanism for voluntary separation which is what the UK has exercised. Yes, we are all disillusioned by the forced Luggardian contraption called Nigeria but we must not play on each other’s intellect by equating those proposing its break-up to Brexit. Even within the EU framework, the UK still held on to her own currency and still pursued its national foreign agenda. Nigeria for good or bad and notwithstanding how it was created is totally different from the EU. We are still one nation. To call for its breakup is nowhere close to being analogous to Brexit. It has no other name but secession. The north will not just fold its hands to say Segobe, neither would the Igbos who still remember how the Yoruba “stabbed” them in the back and played the leading role in decimating their Biafraland. The notion of an Oodua nation that simply declares itself an independent nation and everything will be hunky-dory is lunacy in its extreme. We must be prepared for kinetic reaction. Anyone who tells us anything to the contrary and anyone who believes that theory needs a new brain.

    Furthermore, Brexit was not imposed upon the country by a disgruntled class of elites who hitherto were active participants in the desecration of the same nation they now wish to dismember. Brexit was pursued after a hotly contested referendum in which Brexit was agreed to by the slimmest of the slimmest margin. So before FFK and his ilks pushing the Oodua Nation agenda plunge our people into a bloody secessionist agenda (call it what you may, declaring an independent Oodua Nation is nothing but a secession), they must adopt the same democratic model of seeking the approval of Yorubas via a referendum. FFK, the ultimate name-dropper who describes Boris Johnson as his “friend” should tell us whether he would support the secession of Ireland and Scotland from the UK? Afterall most of Ireland and Scotland voted against Brexit. The only situation that is analogous to the breaking up Nigeria into culturally “homogenous” and monolithic state that FFK is proposing would be the break-up of the UK and not Brexit.

    Has anyone else noticed that some of the proposed map of the Oodua Nation include Edo and Delta states which have large population of Ibo-speaking Anioma people and many other ethnicities who share no linguistic and cultural similarities with the monolithic anti-multi-cultural pure Yoruba state that FFK talked about in his post.

    Finally, FFK owes us all an explanation of when he experienced his virulent anti-Fulani conversion on the way to Damascus? Recall only a few years ago during the last election, he was the national communication director for the presidential campaign of another “bestial, flesh-eating” (his word not mine) Fulani man named Atiku. The question we need to ask FFK is, would he be promoting Oodua Nation had his man won the election and if he is a member of his cabinet? We all know the answer. That is the misfortune of the Yoruba self determination agenda. The well-known Yoruba penchant for political treachery had caused a genuine and justified agitation for self determination to be politicized and hijacjed by selfish partisan political hacks to perpetrate this odorous self interest. Isn’t it obvious that none of the other leading political leaders on the ruling APC party have spoken in support of the Oodua Nation agenda even as the opposition, including OBJ, a man who fought gallantly to keep Nigeria one and who during his over one decade in the presidency did very little to promote the Yoruba interest, have now latched on to the Oodua Nation agenda. Is their newly found passion for an Oodua Nation driven by patriotism or crash political self interest? Well anyone with even a small slab of cerebellum in their cranial cavity knows the answer. These people are nothing but political hacks and political jobbers who seek no one but their self-interest even if the cost is another bloody devastating civil war, bloodier that the Biafra war.

    In my mind, the watershed moment for the survival of Nigeria as a nation would be 2023. This will only happen if we Yorubas stay united and resist our well known penchant for political self destruction and treachery. No matter how we slice it we Yoruba are as responsible for the political albatross that we are now saddled with: Buhari would not be occupying Aso Rock without our support. So we cannot sanctimoniously condemn the same ruling political party which we imposed on Nigeria and which now controls all but one state in Yorubaland. Our best bet to either go our separate way or to fundamentally restructure Nigeria in a manner that promotes our self interest will become obvious in 2023. If in 2023, the Fulanis fail to keep their end of the bargain then it would be easy to galvanize the opinion and support of the Yoruba people for a new Oodua Nation. It would then be so obvious that the Fulanis are the “bestial political scoundrels” they are being accused of being by FFK if they renege on their agreement to transfer power to the Southwest. If on the other hand the Fulanis actually surprise us, and out of their calculated self interest, decide that transfer of power was the wise thing to do, then we will have an opportunity to galvanize the country to embark of the much needed restructuring that will remake our country for sustainability. OBJ had such a unique opportunity to restructure and de-concentrate the power that resides in Abuja by he failed to to exercise it. He had and exercised as close to an authoritarian hold on power as anyone would ever get during his eight reign in Aso Rock. Sadly his presidency was not supported by his own people and when he had the chance to choose, he chose his self-aggrandizing third term agenda rather than pursue being a historic transformational leader. He even chose to work against the Yoruba people be placing other ethnic group in prime ministries where real power resided. Not one major project was sited or completed in Yorubaland during his presidency. You see, we Yorubas have participated as much as any other ethnic group in the desecration of our country. We can blame Lord Luggard for what he did 104 years ago in 1914 or we can face the reality that we are collectively responsible for our fate. The fault may not be as much as in founding of our country but in how we have collectively run our own country to the ground. Virtually every other country in the world was put together under less than ideal circumstance, mostly through the conquest by a more powerful or colonizing nation. The reality of our country is that there are only two classes that mater. A parasitic ruling class composed of all ethnicities and the rest of us, the hapless and Impoverished citizens, again composed of all ethnicities, Fulanis, Hausas, Yoruba, Igbos. hukuhuku, Kanuris and many others who are constantly being raped over and over again by the parasitic ruling class who have cornered our commonwealth and have sliced us into their individual ethnic fiefdoms to be manipulated and monetized for their financial and political gain. Tinubu used his political sagacity to corner power all over the southwest and he leveraged that awesome power for sweetheart deals. Let’s wait till 2023 to see the end of the script. The Nigerian poor are all are united by the same grinding poverty and bad leadership that have been foisted on us by the likes of FFK and his parasitic political class. The common Fulanis and and Hausa man in northern Nigeria are not better off than the common Yoruba or Igbo man in the south as a result of the Fulani Cabal stranglehold on power since independence. By the way many northern minority ethnic groups are themselves victims of ethno-supremacist oppression by the Fulanis. It is therefore unfair to lump the north together as a conquering monolithic hegemonic power group. Nothing can be further from the truth. Unfortunately, many ill-informed southerners believe that nonsense. Coronavirus has in fact exposed what many of us who have lived or schooled in Northern Nigeria have known for a very long time. The underbelly of grinding poverty and sub-human existence in the north. We therefore should not be fooled and hoodwinked by the sleek and macabre attempt by FFK and his kind to rape us again by pushing our visceral button of ethnic distrust and animus. FFK and his ilks don’t give a hoot about us or Yoruba self determination. All they care about is their quest for power and their rent seeking profit. Let’s put our intellect in gear and not allow ourselves be bamboozled by FFK’s eloquent, dangerous and self serving demagoguery. FFK who pushed another Fulani man presidential candidacy only two years ago owes us an explanation of when and how he had his virulent anti-Fulani and pro-Yoruba conversion before we even listen to him.

    Wale Alonge

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