Find A Path: 15 Careers In Which You Help People Every Day

Find A Path: 15 Careers In Which You Help People Every Day

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If you’re unsure about your future plans, it can be very difficult to identify just what your education and experience needs are going to be. Using your talents to offer meaningful impact to the world means that you are joining the large numbers of people who are focusing their careers on paths that benefit others. Turning your career into something that offers positive help to the people around you isn’t a unique route to explore, and helping people is a fundamental element of a wide variety of careers. If you’re looking for a career that is personally and financially rewarding, then here are some of the best options to consider.

ER Physician

This is a career that will literally save lives. If you want to make a difference with your career, then you can’t go far wrong with becoming an ER doctor. Of course, this is not the easiest option in terms of the level of education that you need. ER doctors need to be able to manage stress well, and they will often face a variety of injuries to treat on a daily basis. If you have the time to pursue emergency medicine training and the finances to afford it, then becoming an emergency doctor in an emergency room means that you have people’s lives in your hands.

Police Officer

One of the most satisfying careers for those that want to help, becoming a member of the thin blue line can be morally and financially rewarding. Although the training can be difficult and lengthy, you can easily give yourself a head start into this career by signing up for criminology programs in Canada, where you can study a BA in Criminology and Policing via Wilfrid Laurier University. This can lead you onto a variety of careers that might not even mean pounding a beat, with a wide range of career options to consider once you have graduated. Protecting the public is about as rewarding a career as anyone can imagine.


Not all firefighting means running into burning buildings, but it does happen. Firefighters have many duties, but they do need to be willing to put their lives on the line in order to protect others. This can be a dangerous but very satisfying career. Not only are they often the first responders to the scene of an incident, but they will also have to think clearly and proactively at all times. Of course, you’re going to need to be very physically fit for this career option, but it can be one of the most rewarding options on this list if you are prepared to put yourself at risk for the general public.

Registered Nurse (RN)

This is a very hands-on career for those that want to offer real help to people on a daily basis. Working in hospitals, medical offices, care homes, and other facilities, the RN has a very clearly defined career path with a variety of options for furthering your expertise. It might be easier than you think to become a qualified RN, and the Red Cross offers a number of Nurse Assistant training courses around the world that result in a qualification. Once you have received your initial qualification, it is then possible to find the perfect location, with a clear eye on your career development to RN.

Emergency Management Officer

All around the world, people are affected by global catastrophes. From tsunami’s to earthquakes, wildfires to tornadoes, we need emergency management coordinators in order to help communities and individuals recover. An emergency management coordinator is the person that creates strategy plans and makes sure that all responders are on the same page when it comes to the recovery process. They are very often the main point of contact for the emergency service and will need to be able to keep calm in the face of widespread catastrophe. This can be a difficult career to break into, but you should start looking at specialized BA types that are focused on emergency management.

Personal Trainer

Not all positively impactful careers need to be high stress. Helping people can take many forms, and that includes their health and fitness levels. Becoming a personal trainer will mean that you need to be physically fit yourself, but there are a large number of online and offline courses available that can help you get you the qualifications that you need. Once you have passed your exams, you will be able to either build up a personal roster of clients as a self-employed personal trainer or find work in an established gym. This can be a very rewarding career as you watch your clients become fitter and healthier thanks to your expertise and assistance.


It might not be the most glamorous of jobs, and you’ll certainly have to be good with numbers, but being an accountant can help people more than you might think. Most people struggle with their finances, and from personal accounts to business finances, you can help people to get more from their money. As the global economy continues to be difficult, more people than ever are using accountants to take control over their finances. You will usually need a degree in order to get an entry level accounting position, but the potential earnings can be high. The fact that you are helping businesses retain more of their profits, or private individuals to have a better quality of life, could mean that this could end up being your dream role.

Animal Groomer

This career is ideal for those who love spending time with a variety of animals. It can be very satisfying if you enjoy nothing more than grooming fur and keeping pets of all kinds clean and healthy. From dentistry to hygiene plans, animal groomers help people by keeping their much-loved furry family members in tip-top condition. If this sounds like it might be the career for you, you should start by getting some work experience in a clinic, dog kennel, pet store, or vets. Depending on the level of career that you are aiming for, you might not even need a degree, with a variety of certification courses available no matter where you’re located.

Emergency Services Dispatcher

If you want to be involved in a fast and dynamic career, then emergency dispatcher could be the job for you. The responsibility can be high, so it’s not the best career if you crumble under pressure or are easily distracted. Your main roles will be evaluating the needs of every caller and then directing the appropriate emergency services to their location. This can mean that you deal with a wide range of highly volatile situations, and you will need to remain cool and calm no matter what is happening at the other end of the line.


Helping people to see the world around them can be very rewarding. Unlike ophthalmologists, the majority of optometrists do not have to be qualified for surgery. Instead, their usual role will be to test the vision, depth perception, and focus ability of the general public. They can be vital when it comes to recognizing potential eye health issues like glaucoma, and that can help to prevent their patients from suffering from further or total vision loss. Although the average optometrist will not earn as much as other medical professionals, it remains a highly lucrative career that can make a very positive impact on many lives.

School Counsellor

Just like teachers, a school counsellor is there to help students. However, rather than focusing on their education, counsellors will be more focused on helping students in a variety of different ways. They could be helping someone talk through their career options one minute, and offering professional advice to students suffering from social challenges the next. With factors like bullying and abuse to potentially deal with, being a school counsellor is not an easy position, but being able to help the younger generation get more from their education can be very meaningful work.

Health and Safety Officer

If you want to help keep people safe but the idea of joining the police or fire service terrifies you, then becoming a health and safety officer could be the ideal alternative. Mostly, you will be evaluating health and safety hazards in a variety of workplaces so that employees are able to work productively without mental or physical risk. However, you will need some intense education, largely because of the huge variety of safety regulations that you’ll need to know inside out. Most health and safety officers have a degree and an MA, and they will need to be recognized by a national body. If you don’t like the idea of long education times or a career that involves a lot of paperwork, then this might not be the best career to choose.

High School Teacher

Underappreciated, underpaid, and overstressed, there are plenty of reasons to avoid becoming a teacher. However, in terms of offering a positive benefit to the world, teachers are hard to beat. Educating and guiding the next generation, inspiring them to follow their interests and dreams, and teaching them about the world around them can be extremely rewarding. Of course, you’re going to need a teaching degree at BA level, and that will include practical classroom experience. The longer that you spend as a teacher, the more likely that you will be able to streamline your career progression via specialist course plans or promotion to higher levels of responsibility.

Member of the Clergy

This is a career that consistently ranks as one of the most meaningful and rewarding in the world. No matter your religious denomination, becoming a spiritual leader can offer a deep level of personal satisfaction. You will need to be comfortable offering advice and guidance to anyone who is troubled, but if you want to help others, then this could be the ultimate in terms of a fulfilling career. The entryway into this career will vary according to country, denomination, and often, each individual place of worship. If you’re interested in exploring a more spiritual career, then talk to your local religious members. It’s very likely that you will need to study a degree in your religion of choice, but there are special options available for those that fit the criteria.


People often turn to psychiatrists during particularly emotional times. They could be suffering from depression, social anxiety, or even suicidal thoughts, so this is not a career to look into if you struggle with empathy. This is not a quick and easy career to get into though. You’re going to need extensive medical training, and that can last well over a decade in some cases. However, being able to help people recover from the most traumatic events of their lives can offer a very high level of satisfaction. You’re just going to have to recognize that your education will take as long as other medical professionals.

Massage Therapist

Helping clients to relax and de-stress can be very satisfying on an emotional level, but this can be a challenging career to get into. It’s not simply a matter of being able to massage in the right way. You’re going to need to have some form of medical training as well, because you will have to assess and evaluate what each patient needs, and then work out the best treatment options for them on a case-by-case basis. However, you don’t have to spend nearly as much time in education as doctors or dentists. There are programs available that can last between one and three years, with certification offered by many courses at the end of the training period. If the idea of helping to rehabilitate clients after injuries, or simply helping tackle their stress, then this could be the perfect option.

Rounding Up

Some of the jobs that help people can be very financially rewarding, while others are less so. The important thing to remember is that if your dream career involves helping others, then you need to know the set requirements. Look at the above list for inspiration, and start looking into the training and education that you might need. There are online courses, vocational colleges, and specialist schools available that can give you the advice that you need, and they could help you take the first steps on a morally and financially rewarding career path very quickly indeed.


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