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Here’s What A Woman Got After She Went For Breast Enlargement (Before And After PHOTOS – VIDEO)

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‘I look like a walking boob’, were the words of a 53-year-old woman whose botched breast implants left her looking as strange as anything.

Dee Stein pleaded with doctors on the latest episode of E!’s Botched reality series to save her breasts after one of her implants which weigh a back-breaking 30lbs ruptured.

About 20 years ago, Stein had the double-lumen implants with the internal lumen made up of silicone and the external lumen is filled with saline.

In the episode, called ‘Attack of the 3,000cc implants’ Stein painfully showed doctors

how the saline section in the left breast implant got ruptured and deflated, while the other breast got painfully engorged.

Dr Dubrow said, “I kid you not, if we tackle this one, this is the most challenging, high-risk patient in my career.”

He further described Stein’s boobs as a ‘screaming, complaining breast’ on the right side and a deflated ‘disaster’ on the other.

The patient dsclosed that she went for the ‘giant implants’ when she a dancer ‘because bigger is better in this business.

Dr Dubrow said, “It is insane to think that any plastic surgeon would even consider Dee’s breasts to this level.

“The human body is not even equipped to handle this kind of volume expansion in breast tissue.”

The doctor stated that most plastic surgeons would perhaps refuse to touch the implants at this stage because the operation is really on a high risk.

Notwithstanding, he had accepted to give it a try not just because the woman is in constant pain, but because it could also turn into a ‘medical emergency’.

Dr Nassif added, “It is days until this turns into an enormous, major medical emergency for her. The whole breast is going to die.”

Thankfully, the doctors managed to perform the near ‘impossible’ operation successfully.

After two surgeries later, Stein finally has the symmetrical DD breasts of her dreams and had to give the doctors a a very warm hug for saving her life.

Below are some photos of Stein. (Click on any image to enlarge)

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