The Facebook Post Jihadists In Nigeria Don’t Want Christians To See (READ)

The Facebook Post Jihadists In Nigeria Don’t Want Christians To See (READ)

By Opinions | The Trent on July 18, 2016
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Facebook posts can come back to bite | Reuters

Viola Ifeyinwa Okolie made the update below on the morning of Sunday, July 16, 2016. It was reported by an online Muslim mob that she got banned from Facebook for a week in addition to the update being pulled down. Clearly, she revealed things that Islamic terrorists and Jihadist in Nigeria don’t want Nigerian Christians to hear, and awareness or awakening they dread Nigerian Christians having.

Now, read and make sure you share! Clearly, there is an organised Jihad going on in Nigeria and they are actively monitoring social media to make sure nothing spoils things for them.

I suggest you also copy and paste because though I know it’s extremely difficult to pull down my updates these days or get me a banned on Facebook, nothing is beyond the powers of AN ORGANISED ARM OF JIHADISTS ON SOCIAL MEDIA!

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Send it by whatsapp, BBM, emails, all the ways you can. Be unconventional in your methods because this fight is getting unconventional.

This is her post, unedited, below.

Dear Nigerians,

As you go to church today, hold your Bible in one hand a pepper spray in the other. There was a reason why Simon Peter went with a sword to Gethsemane. If those were not perilous times, he would not have bothered.

Kid yourselves not, you do not have the anointing and grace the disciples had during the Bible times – you will not even be recognized as martyrs.

You do not even have the grace of the small god of robust responses. You will just die off as chickens… And trust me, nobody is about to repent to justify your death.

Matter of fact, your docility will be interpreted as working against God’s plans because they will kill most of you off and the rest of you will convert to Islam out of fear. This is not the end times… it is Islamic Jihad all over the world.

The difference between the rest of the world and us is that while their governments are taking decisive actions to end terrorism and the spread of the Jihad, we are just willing to be fed a lie that Boko Haram has been ‘technically defeated’, then lie down and die when the Jihadists get to us.

But we love life don’t we? The people of St. Philips Catholic Church, Baki Iku, what did they do when the mad crowd got to them? They turned tail and ran. Like frightened chickens. Nobody wan die but they wan go heaven.

Sooooo, since most of you will chicken out and run (disgraceful martyrs) instead of just lying down quietly and presenting yourselves to be slaughtered, why not just gird your loins and fight back? Or go out and kill some cows.

Trust me, that will be the only way to get the president to stop and take notice. (Since you all are insisting the extremely useless god of men you all worship and pay tithes to should not even speak up a word in your defense).

I ask you, if your child were being harassed, would you not go out there and beat that bully back? Won’t you break the bully’s neck if you could? Would you advise your child to allow the bully beat him because a certain prophet one year like that foretold that he would get thoroughly beaten up by an idiot? You would rush out and go and defend them? So stop calling these ineffectual cowards “daddy”, they are not. If they were, they would speak up in your defense and force the president to take note.

You know his hearing ear has a boil in it. That is why we need the pastor/politician/veepee to help us loud it into the ear that is still functioning well.

So, you have two options to stop this carnage since the president will pretend not to notice but will react to any one that happens outside Naija; the daddy GOs have refused to protect you all and are condemning you to die like chickens; and you yourselves though afraid to die, have been brainwashed into thinking you are martyrs…

1. Guard yourselves. Secure your places of worship and arm the guards with real life guns that spray bullets like peanuts. Arm yourselves with small small daggers, because the people you are up against are armed with daggers and small knives. If you can carry guns, carry them. When you retaliate once and are not fighting off a dagger with your bare hands but with daggers, guns and knives, you can delay your martyrdom a few decades longer.

2. Kidnap some cows.

Good morning all. Don’t dull now, rise up and church! END

Does anyone still doubt that Buhari doesn’t know what he’s doing in terms of all these Jihadist actions going on? Do you still think all these murders of thousands in cold blood through so many means is random? Why would they be so worried as to pull down this update and try taking her out of circulation on social media?

I am so happy she is not in Nigeria at the moment, just spoke with her few minutes ago.


Chinonmso Awazie is a engineer, political activist, and new media professional. Connect with him on Facebook.

The opinions expressed in this article are solely those of the author.


  1. You want your people to face this your so called jihadist (An organised Group) I hope you are ready to arm them if not I don’t see how they gonna get weapons to match the organised group and you remember to tell the uninformed christians too to start relocating from North back to where they will feel safe

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