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Kano Government Sets Up Commission to Investigate Demolition Disputes

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KANO, Nigeria — The Kano state government is taking decisive steps to resolve the ongoing controversy over the demolition of illegal structures.

Halilu Baba Dantiye, the state’s Commissioner for Information and Internal Affairs, has announced that a commission of inquiry is being established to investigate the matter.

The announcement came during the swearing-in ceremony of newly elected officials of the Correspondents Chapel of the Nigeria Union of Journalists, NUJ, Kano State Council on Tuesday, July 11, 2023.

The commissioner explained that the demolition was intended to reclaim lands and return them to their rightful owners, who are majorly state institutions, rather than allocating them to private individuals or groups.

He asserted, “Obviously, there is no contradiction that these places belong to institutions, universities, mosques and so on. All the places that were demolished are going to be restored to their original owners.”

He further stated that the lands previously owned by the Polytechnic would be utilized for building laboratories, hostels, lecture rooms, and other necessary facilities.

Lands that belonged to mosques will also be restored.

Dantiye emphasized, “Nobody is going to be allocated any of such lands.” This announcement is part of the government’s efforts to bring an end to the dispute over the illegal structures, and to assure the public of its commitment to institutional development.

The commissioner suggested recourse to the Commission of Inquiry for those who feel aggrieved by the government’s actions.

He affirmed, “Whosoever feels dissatisfied with that can approach the Commission of Enquiry, which will be established. The government will compensate those with convincing reasonable claims.”

This measure indicates the government’s efforts to bring transparency and justice to the ongoing controversy, seeking to balance the need for urban development and preservation of institutional lands with the interests of those affected by the demolitions.

Dantiye also congratulated the newly elected officials of the Correspondents Chapel.

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