4 Ways To Get In Shape Without Going To A Fitness Centre

4 Ways To Get In Shape Without Going To A Fitness Centre

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If you have a gym membership that you have only used a handful of times, you are certainly not alone. Unfortunately, this means that you have wasted your money and are still no closer to getting in shape. This is hardly your fault, however, as going to a fitness centre can be a real bore. Not only are the workouts repetitive but you also have to figure out how to use all of that complicated machinery. If you want to get in shape but want some other options, read this article:

Resistance Bands workout
Resistance Bands workout
Start Moving More

If you work in an office all day, you may not realize just how much of your life is spent being sedentary. One of the reasons that you may be piling on the pounds is because your body is simply not expending enough energy. Now, this is remedied easily enough. You simply need to start moving more. Instead of taking the elevator, walk (or run) up a flight of stairs. Get into the habit of doing this every time you need to choose between stairs and an elevator. Also, leave your vehicle behind as much as possible. Instead, walk to the store or to locations that you can get to on foot. You will be surprised at just how effective this will prove to be.

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Try Self Defence

Why not do things at once – get in shape while you also learn how to protect yourself? There are many ways to do this. If you want to keep things simple, sign up with some boxing trainers. While this sport is quite technical, you will find it easier to learn than most. Not to mention, you also get to burn between 400 and 500 calories each half hour.

Another thing for you to try is Toronto jiu jitsu. This is great for those who want to learn a different fighting style. This sport is also just as great at burning calories. You can expect to do away with between 300 and 500 calories each hour.

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Salsa Your Way to Weight Loss

If you love to dance, then there is a way to lose weight. Now most types of dancing is going to help burn calories. However, research has found that salsa dancing is especially great at this. Did you know that you can lose about 600 calories with just an hour’s worth of dancing? While this is dependent on just how vigorous your lesson is, it is still something to consider.

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Do Household Chores

Ok, so it may be a tough choice to decide between going to the gym and cleaning your house. If you can’t be bothered to leave the comfort of your own home, however, you don’t have to. Just clean your house from top to bottom, and even do the laundry. While you may not feel it, this is actually a great workout if you can manage it several times a week.

Now you don’t have to go get tangled with crazy machines or have to get special gym wear. Instead try out the above options to get in shape.


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