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House Of Reps Speakership: ‘I believe I have what it takes to lead a vibrant House’ – Hon. Jibrin

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Hon. Abdukmumin Jibrin, the Chairman of the House of Representatives Committee on Finance, representing the North West zone of the All Progressives Congress has stated that he is so confident of becoming the next Speaker of the lower law making body and the number fourth man in the country with a land slide win, that is if a free, fair and credible election is conducted at the 8th Assembly Speakership election.

Jibrin in a statement granted to newsmen, boasted that among the other contenders, he is the most popular, the only one capable of providing the needed compactibility with the President-elect in order to execute the desired reforms and deliver on campaign promises.

He also lauded General Muhammadu Buhari on his vow not to interfere in the selection of leaders of the National Assembly and to allow the relevance of “due process” in selection.

His statement read thus; “With the powerful and patriotic statement from the president Elect yesterday (Wednesday), the coast has been cleared for competence to determine who becomes Speaker of the 8th Assembly. The President elect has sent a clear signal that it will surely not be business as usual.

“It is a known fact that only if I am zoned out, under a free and fair contest I will win with land slide margin the 8th Assembly Speakership election. None of the Aspirants can match my popularity or provide the needed compactability with the Incoming President to execute the needed reforms and deliver on our campaign promises like myself.” he said.

Jibrin further said, “I have pledged to hand over 75% of the available positions to First Term Members so as to inject fresh blood and usher in the desired change.

“As Chairman House Committee on finance, I executed my work diligently without minding whose ox is gored. I stepped on many toes at a great personal risk in the course of doing the right thing. We accomplished so much as a Committee and saved the government billions of naira.

“I protected the institution of the parliament. I have never visited offices of Ministers or top government officials looking for favours except on oversight. As a First Term Member, with the support of Mr Speaker, I served as Chair finance for four years without been accused of any wrong doing!

“It is this mentality and momentum that I intend to carry along as Speaker. My deep knowledge of Nigerian’s public finance and economy will come handy as Speaker of the 8th House. Let’s not make the mistake of electing people that may have to resign few weeks after they are elected

“The next four years is very critical to the future of our great country. We must put forward our first 11.

“I believe I have what it takes to lead a vibrant House that will work round the clock, side by side with other Arms of government to put our country in the path of peace, justice and prosperity.”

Jibrin finally promised that in the next few days, he will intensify his campaign and reach out to various stake holders towards consolidating the comfortable edge he already has over the other aspirants.

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