Spirit And Life Devotional: A Spiritual Powerhouse

Spirit And Life Devotional: A Spiritual Powerhouse

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1 Samuel 10:6 ERV “Then the Lord’S Spirit will come on you with great power. You will be changed. You will be like a different man. You will begin to prophesy with these prophets.”

When God, the King of kings, the Lord of lords, the Almighty God, the glorious God, inhabits a human body, it is impossible for that body to remain the same. But for grace, that body would explode same way a bulb explodes when the voltage is high. When God stepped on Mount Sinai, Exodus 19:18 says the mountain shook!

Have you received the Holy Spirit? I assure you that you are no longer the weak person that you used to be; you are full of power! I tell you, what’s on your inside is more glorious than what Samson carried! You may look ordinary but you are not! You are the temple of the Lord, a powerhouse! No wonder the shadow of Peter healed the sick! Do you understand?

Don’t be afraid to lay your hands on the sick; power will flow from within you and cast that sickness out! Don’t be afraid of issuing decrees in the name of Jesus, there’s sufficient power in you to bring that word to pass! Greater is He that is in us than he that’s in the world! Resist that devil and he will flee! Hallelujah!

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