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Students Run Around Totally NAKED In School Library To Ease Stress (VIDEO – NUDITY)

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All work and no play definitely makes Jack a dullard, and that is exactly the perception of some students who decided to play around in a totally bizarre manner – in their birthday suits.

The viral footage of a group of students running around a school library totally naked is about the most ridiculous thing in the week.

The male students were probably so stressed out so decided to take some time off school stress by embarking on a ‘naked race’ on Friday, March 6, 2015 in the Julian Hodge library of Cardiff University in Wales United Kingdom.

They all stripped themselves and ran around the library chanting songs and using just a hand to cover their genitalia.

Funny enough, the students around just stared at them with not much of a surprise.

The footage was recorded by a 23-year-old post graduate student of Business Management, Nate Yao who was attracted by the noise of the students when he was down with an assignment.

He said,  “I was working on my assignment and suddenly I heard loud talking from outside.

“I saw many guys take off their clothes and then they ran into the room.

“They were running, singing, laughing – and they were all naked.

“People in the room felt lost and just stared at them. It was really funny.”

Yao added, “It is the most interesting and shocking moment since I came to Cardiff, I’m originally from China.

“I started filming because, of course, I wanted to share it with my friends.

“It doesn’t happen very often, right?”

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