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Beggars Made To Perform Sex Acts In Exchange Of Money And Food [WATCH]

A man was recently filmed directing homeless people to perform sex acts in order to receive a money token and food from him. The footage...

Here’s What A Massage Parlour Got Because Their Clients Made Loud SEX Noises

After several complaints from members over the rate at which the clients of a nearby massage parlour disturbed them, the authorities finally filed a...

This Teacher Makes Pupils Stand In Queue To Have Sex With Her When Her Husband Is Out (PHOTO)

A female teacher has been accused of making students stand on a long queue in order to have sexual intercourse with them each time...

HILARIOUS! See What Boredom Made This Pilot Do With His Plane [LOOK]

The bored pilot has drawn a giant penis in the air using GPS flight data. His phallic voyage began innocently enough when he took off...

22 Awkward Sex Mistakes We’ve All Made

Turns out you were pretty much doing sex entirely wrong until your twenties. Awkward. Here’s 22 ridiculous mistakes we’ve all made in the bedroom at...

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