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Top 10 Looks Men Find Extremely Appealing

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[dropcap]W[/dropcap]e all know guys are visual creatures and you can easily attract any of them with your look. It may surprise you but they really care about your style! That doesn’t mean you should wear the latest Prada dress or trendy Michael Kors Sunglasses to look fabulous to them. Remember: men pay a little attention to current fashion trends. Expensive clothing brands don’t matter here. This is about how you combine your clothes, accessories and make-up. And it’s easier than you think! Although, you can still look great and save some money by using a Michael Kors coupon code.

Learn some fresh tips to help you create the looks that please men the most. Use them and your form-fitting, well-put together outfit will turn you into a magnet for guys.Top-10-Looks-Men-Find-Extremely-Appealing-2

1. Men love women who know how to accentuate their curves. There are plenty of outfit ideas that will help you in this. Choose tank tops, fitted shirts or dresses. A wide belt will work well. Don’t be afraid to send a message that you are confident enough!

Top-10-Looks-Men-Find-Extremely-Appealing-32. High heels make woman’s legs look long, skinny and irresistible. One thing you should always remember: don’t wear uncomfortable heels. Guys don’t want you to struggle. That won’t make you look confident and sexy at all! Also, guys just hate weird-looking shoes. The simpler your heels look the better. You can match them with anything.

Top-10-Looks-Men-Find-Extremely-Appealing-43. Who said you can’t wear men’s shirts? They are more comfortable than women’s ones and still maintain a femininity and seduction in your look. So grab one and match it with your favorite jeans (or skirts) and accessories.

Top-10-Looks-Men-Find-Extremely-Appealing-54. Guys love when you wear comfortable clothes but do it with style. Try wearing blazer suits matching it with different pieces of your wardrobe. Look elegant and casual at the same time.

Top-10-Looks-Men-Find-Extremely-Appealing-65. Show off your shoulders. This is another way to show your confidence. And confidence is always sexy. A strapless dress or sleeveless shirt will help you with that. Look playful and appealing as well.

Top-10-Looks-Men-Find-Extremely-Appealing-76. Don’t forget to show off your legs. This is a powerful force which can attract any guy! Tight skinny jeans, normal-length skirts, shorts or dresses – that’s what men want you to wear! Make sure your jeans are not too tight unless you will feel uncomfortable and look super awkward. You can combine them with high heels, flats or even with your favorite sneakers. Try a pair of shorts, a simple tee or tank top and your fave shoes. You’ll still look feminine and stylish.

Top-10-Looks-Men-Find-Extremely-Appealing-87. The classic black dress — huge crowd pleaser. Elegant silhouette with minimalist design will melt any guy’s heart. Try on a backless dress – show a little skin in a chic way. Add couple of comfortable heels and a simple handbag. Less is more!

Top-10-Looks-Men-Find-Extremely-Appealing-98. Wear simple make-up. Studies show that nearly 80 percent of men prefer natural look. But it doesn’t mean no make up at all. Minimal make-up and fresh, glowing skin will surely attract him. No heavy eyeliners, too dark smoky eye or red pencils around your lips. Make it less aggressive. Save these dramatic looks for night outs.

Top-10-Looks-Men-Find-Extremely-Appealing-109. Guys prefer soft, kissable lips. Perfectly applied bright red lipstick will do. It’ll make you look confident and will match almost any outfit. Also you can try more natural color lipstick, or go one shade brighter or a shade darker (don’t be afraid to experiment!). Pick the one that will fit your complexion and you will feel super attractive.

10. What hair will make him want to stare at you? Most men adore long hair because it makes women look more feminine. But you should consider your face shape and hair texture to make the right choice. Also, guys are huge fans of beach waves! 84 percent of men like natural-looking hair color and try to avoid girls with unnatural looking hair.

(via Her Beauty)

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