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Top 17 Fantastic Benefits And Uses Of Aloe Vera For Beauty And Health

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You must have heard of Aloe Vera. Every cosmetics company on the planet is trying to get Aloe Vera into its products and there are some very good reasons for this. The benefits of this ‘miracle plant’ have been known for thousands of years and the ancient Egyptians even called it the plant of immortality, so impressed were they by its properties. Whilst we can’t couch for its powers of immortality, it certainly does have a huge number of different health and beauty benefits and here are 17 of them:

1. Reduces skin wrinkles 

Aloe Vera is a great source of both vitamin C and vitamin E, both of which the skin loves. It will hydrate and nourish your skin and help remove the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

2. It can cure your child’s nail biting

It might have many health benefits, but Aloe Vera, on its own, really doesn’t taste nice. It has a very bitter taste that kids will hate, so a little bit painted on their nails will dissuade them from that habit!

3. After-sun care treatment

Mix the anti-inflammatory properties with the natural re-hydrating properties and Aloe Vera gives you the perfect after sun treatment. If you do get too much sun, then Aloe Vera will soothe any mild to moderate sunburn and speed up the healing process.

4. A natural dandruff treatment

Aloe Vera provides a natural, non-chemical based treatment for dandruff. You can mix a little in with your regular shampoo or apply some Aloe Vera juice directly to your hair and leave on for 20-30 minutes before rinsing off for a quick solution for the problem of a dry and itchy scalp.

5. Use a shaving gel

Aloe Vera gel is naturally hydrating and provides an excellent alternative to shaving creams and foams. It will allow the razor to glide easily across your skin, as well as soothe and moisturize the skin at the same time.

6. Lowers cholesterol

Studies have shown that drinking Aloe Vera juice on a regular basis can be an effective way to reduce the levels of cholesterol in your blood, when taken over an extended period of time.

7. Prevents and reduces the appearance of stretch marks

You can help to prevent stretch marks from appearing, if you massage Aloe Vera gel into your skin twice a day during your pregnancy and then, following the birth. If you continue, it will help to make any marks that have appeared fade away.

8. Reduces puffiness under the eyes

If you are suffering from tired and puffy eyes, then try some Aloe Vera. Put some Aloe Vera gel onto a cotton wool and leave in the fridge for a while to cool it, then place the cotton wool over your eyes and it will soothe them, moisturize and reduce the puffiness too.

9. Works as an acne treatment

Applied directly to the breakout, Aloe Vera will remove dead skin cells and open up the pores, allowing the excess oil to be removed. The Aloe Vera will also help to heal scars and reduce inflammation.

10. It helps to protect your skin from the sun

Whilst it should not be used as a replacement for sunscreen in very strong sunlight as a day to day protection, Aloe Vera provides protection against both of the types of ultraviolet light that can cause sunburn and skin darkening.

11. Reduces the appearance of dark underarm skin

Darkness under the arms can be caused by shaving and by using harsh underarm deodorant. Rubbing some Aloe Vera gel under your arms will soothe and moisturize your skin and help to reduce the darkness as well.

12. Reduce the pain from arthritis

If you suffer from pain from arthritic joints, then the natural anti-inflammatory properties of Aloe Vera gel may help. Try massaging some gel into the areas that are causing the pain and the Aloe should reduce the inflammation and, therefore, the soreness too.

13 A soothing remedy for intestinal problems

Taken internally, Aloe Vera juice can help with problems with digestion and in the intestine. It can soothe and help to heal stomach ulcers and heartburn, and it gently soothes the digestive tract.

14. Use it as a makeup remover

With all the other skin benefits you gain from using Aloe Vera it makes sense to use it as your daily makeup remover as well. Use it alone or mix it with coconut oil and it will gently remove makeup from your skin and will leave you feeling fresh and clean.

15. Soothes razor burns

Aloe Vera is a quick and effective way to soothe razor burns. Apply the gel to the affected area and it will cool the skin and give you instant relief from the pain, as well as moisturize your skin and reduce the redness.

16. Soothes burns

Great for those little mishaps in the kitchen, a little Aloe Vera gel applied to minor burns quickly soothes the pain. Mix it with some Vitamin E oil, for the healing benefit and you will have the perfect minor burn treatment.

17. Aloe Vera is great for beautiful nails

If your nails have become dull and damaged, then try applying Aloe Vera to your nails every day and it will nourish and moisturize them and, in no time at all, they will be back to their former glory.

Benefits of Aloe Vera are quite numerous and this list of Aloe Vera uses for beauty and health is far from complete.

Do you like using Aloe Vera in your beauty routine? What other benefits of Aloe Vera do you know?

Please, feel free to share your thoughts and tips on the comment section below.

Stay beautiful!

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