7 Easy Lunch-Hour Workout You Should Try

7 Easy Lunch-Hour Workout You Should Try

By The Times of India on March 17, 2014
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The next time you have a lunch break, don’t play on the phone, chat with colleagues or scan old emails.

Instead, do something that will burn the flab, infuse fresh energy into your day and leave you wearing a glow! It’s the lunch-hour fitness regimen. Squeezing in time for a light workout during office hours is the new mantra for those who have hardly any time. You eat a healthy snack 60 minutes before the lunch break, so you’re not meal-deprived! And the trend is catching on like crazy with the corporate frat. Best part? You need no training or major equipment to do these…

1. Office corner yoga
Desk-bound folk are often the most stressed out too. If you want to induce some calm into your workday, incorporate yoga moves in the schedule. Try the cat pose where you crouch and stretch the back, then relax, and do the cow pose where you crouch, sticking your neck outward. Do a neck roll, spine twist on a chair or even an arm stretch where yo u lift your arms as high above the head as you can. The basic lunge uses your body weight and can stretch your hip and thigh muscles. The trick is to do it slowly, holding each pose as you concentrate on your breathing.

2. Take the stairs, today
Experts say an ideal cardiovascular session per day should consist of at least half an hour of walking. To attain this, do a shoe switch, lace up those keds and take a stroll around the office block. If not, try the stairwell workout, where you climb up and down the stairs a few times (those with knee trouble should avoid). Considered an emerging sport, the Skyscraper Run also called Tower Running, is held in some of the world’s tallest buildings. Benefit? It tones up the leg muscles and pumps up your heart rate. You are supposed to walk 10,000 steps a day, so get started!

3. Balancing act
A poor posture can wreak havoc on your work day, taking a making you less alert. Try anexercise ball or Swiss Ball, which is a great to sneak some activity into your day-long schedule. Sitting on this wobbly ball forces the core muscles into action and tones abdominal and back muscles, improving balance.

4. Step on it
Instead of sitting at your desk, get up and walk on the mini elliptical or stepper as you work. Not only do you burn calories, but since you’re distracted with your tasks you can finish the workout efficiently too.

5. Stretches and squats
Ab crunches, squats and stretches are the most basic ways to lose the fatigue. Stretches increase flexibility and circulation. While stress makes muscles to contract and become tense, stretches relax the muscles and improve the mood. Do a Half Bear Hug and hug one knee at a time, pulling it toward your chest, try arm extensions with a dumbbell and shoulder stretches or if you’re well warmed up, do lunges, which target the hamstrings and glutes.

6. Deskercise with dumbbells
While on the phone, don’t slouch or stare into space. Grab a dumbbell and do some bicep curls for 15 repetitions three times a day. Straighten your arms by your side and bring your hand (dumbbell) to your shoulder. Keep your palms up. Do one at a time if on the phone.If you don’t have dumbbells, use a water bottle. Hold the bottle in one hand and with abs tucked in and sitting straight, curl the bottle towards your shoulder. Do 10 reps. Now alternate the hand. You can also do side raises with the weights.

7. Watch out: Dangers of sitting long hours 
– Causes a painful neck and back aches
– Decreased brain function and lethargy
– Decreased insulin sensitivity
– Increased risk of heart attack, stroke and even cancer

Calorie burn (1 hr)
Intense yoga session: 400-600
On the stepper: 800-1,000
Stairwell workout: 500-800

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