Tuface, The About-Face, And Why I Knew It Was Too Good To...

Tuface, The About-Face, And Why I Knew It Was Too Good To Be True [MUST READ]

By Opinions | The Trent on February 6, 2017
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Innocent Tuface Idibia

When Tuface Idibia popularly known as 2baba announced his intention to lead Nigerians to protest against bad governance and worsening economic conditions, I knew such plans would never succeed. Not because of his promiscuity or lack of education, but due to the fact that Tuface comes from a class of society simply described as “the Haves”. “The Haves” are a class of people who have the means, are in positions of power and influence within their stratosphere and have a lot to lose. Therefore, they would do better to consolidate their status, position and well-being than allow any disturbance in their socioeconomic status or allow anything “rock their boat”. For one, Tuface belongs to the elite class of Nigerian musicians with connections to corrupt politicians and numerous instances abound where he has gained financially from his connections. Therefore, he has a lot to lose protesting against a system he has reaped bountifully.

Job 7:1 – “The Life of man upon earth is a warfare….”

In every society, there are two classes of people: The Haves and The Have-nots. The Haves, already described above, are the elites, the traditional rulers, businessmen and politicians. This group commit the crime of stagnation, corruption, nepotism, tribalism, religious and ethnic wars. The Have-nots are those without means of survival, without hope, without food, without water, without clothing, without education. They pay for the sins and crimes of the Haves. They pay taxes, the haves steal them. They harvest their crops, the haves rob them of their profits. They work hard, the haves sit and plot for the means to gain the rewards. They build, the haves destroy. They strive to grow, the haves stifle. It is a constant struggle, a life of strive, a life with no meaning, a life with no hope, a life with no freedom, a life with no rights, a life with no justice, a life with no security. The only solution is to revolt.

Revolutions and protests in history have always been initiated by people who are dissatisfied and oppressed by the ills of their fellow men chanced to positions of higher authority. For a revolution to succeed, people must have a plan and goal in mind and stick to them devotedly. The arab uprising, the french revolution, cuban revolution, were initiated not by “the haves”. Therefore, Nigerians must understand that this is the only time we have to demand an end to the nonsense and stupidity that has been on for decades. This protest should not revolve around one man or artiste. This protest should be based on principles of economic advancement, eradicating nepotism, tribalism and corruption. Our goal must be greater than one man. Our goal must be greater than any man or woman’s desires or personal agenda. Our goal must be for our children, our goal must be for our nation.

We have suffered enough at the lies, the injustices, the ineptitudes and the weaknesses of those in power. They have led us woefully and keep making excuses for their mediocrity. The time has come to rise up and have a say in what the future must be. Not should be, can be or may be but what the future must be. 2Face has done the best he can by spreading the awareness of the protest but the fight continues hereafter.

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