You Won’t Believe Who Cheats More Between Men And Women, Check This...

You Won’t Believe Who Cheats More Between Men And Women, Check This Out

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A recent study has just revealed the bitter truth about who men and women who cheat on their spouses actually do it with.

The survey conducted by YouGov which included 1,660 adult participants revealed that one in five British citizens have had an affair and a third of us have thought about it.

“The survey also reveals that, of those who say they have had an affair, only half have stopped at one. A quarter have had two affairs, while 20% have had three or more. 8% have had five or more affairs,” YouGov reveals.

As for what counts as an affair exactly, respondents were also asked specifically what sort of things they have done with people other than their partner.

“Though 20% admit to an “affair”, 22 per cent have romantically kissed someone else, but only 17 per cent have slept with someone else,” it added.

Here’s a breakdown of the response,  and yes the ladies actually hook up with friends most. By a long shot.

Who do British women have affairs with most?

Friend: 53%

Work colleague: 32%

Stranger: 9%

Ex-partner: 14%

No-one specific: 10%

Neighbour: 3%

Someone of the same sex: 5%

A partner’s relative: 0%

Who do British men have affairs with most?

Friend: 32%

Work colleague: 44%

Stranger: 27%

Ex-partner: 9%

No-one specific: 11%

Neighbour: 13%

Someone of the same sex: 9%

A partner’s relative: 5%

The reasons women listed for cheating included: feeling flattered (44 per cent) as well as feeling ’emotionally deprived’ in a relationship” (43 per cent).

Guys also listed flattery (35 per cent) and feeling unsatisfied with their sex life (32 per cent).


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