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4 Serious Post-Workout Mistakes

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re, you probably have your pre-workout routine all in order: you drink plenty of water, you wear your favorite exercise gear. But did you know your post-workout routine is just as important?

According to Balanced Fitness and Health‘s Lauren Brown—that’s absolutely true, “not only to ensure proper muscle recovery but also for muscle growth,” she says.



Brown says that there are certain warning signs that you might need to adjust your after-workout routine. “If you feel pain in a joint or muscle, that’s a major sign that you’re doing something incorrectly. You may not be cooling down long enough, or possibly overstretching a muscle, creating strain or—even worse—a tear,” she says. “If you feel overly fatigued for the day, that means your post-workout meal isn’t giving you the energy that your body needs. You may not be eating enough, or not eating the right types of foods to give you that energy boost. In the same sense, if you feel really sore days after a workout, you’re not giving your body the nutrients it needs to recover properly.”

So what are the biggest post-workout dos and don’ts? These are Brown’s tips:

1. Don’t “skip your cool-down and stretching—and definitely

2. Don’t forget a good post-workout meal,” she says. “Forgetting one or both of these two things is a recipe for disaster.”

Do remember that food is fuel. “Having the proper balance of carbohydrates, protein, and fats will give your body the strength and recovery it needs while keeping your metabolism burning,” Brown says.

3. Don’t think you can eat whatever you want, just because you worked out. “One workout doesn’t burn enough calories to allow that double cheeseburger with fries,” she says.

Do indulge every once in a while. But for the most part, think: healthy eating.

4.Don’t refuel with a sports drink. Well, unless you’ve been working out for more than a few hours in the heat. “For example, cycling, running, or sports-specific training,” she says. “Sports drinks are usually high in sugar and calories, much higher than what your body has burned. The sugar in the drink will instead be stored as fat, which completely goes against all your efforts in the gym. Instead?

Do recover with a solid source of protein after intensely training for several hours,” Brown says.

Another do: Remember to drink plenty of water while you work out.

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