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4 Smart Breakfast Tips To Speed Up Your Morning

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Waking up is hard to do, but your first meal of the day will be easy with these super-smart tips:

1. Bake eggs in avocados

Eggs are good. Avocados are good. Ergo, this Eggocado recipe, which involves swapping the pit for an egg and baking them together, is an obvious choice for breakfast. “It’s a quick way to throw a fresh twist on the monotonous, colorless egg creations you’ve likely been whipping up for years. Plus, it’s an easy way to fit more avocado into your life,” writes Bryan DiSanto, editor of the health-focused site Lean It UP.


2. Glam up your pancakes

Joanna Siemek from blog Bite Delite posted this fun tutorial on how a squeeze bottle can turn a classic breakfast into a work of art (or, in her case, a work of heart). In terms of what to draw, you’re only limited by your imagination – spirit animals, team logos and pithy notes to your breakfast companion are all fair game.

3. Use your coffee machine for oatmeal

Rather than dither around with your stove or microwave, just pop a small bowl filled with instant oats onto the base of your single-serve coffee machine and select the six-ounce setting. This is a great way to let kids make their own breakfast with minimal potential for danger. For the best flavor and texture, be sure to let the oatmeal steep for a few minutes.


4. Bake your bacon

You’ve cooked bacon in a pan. Fried it on a griddle. And done the microwave thing. It’s always delicious (who can argue with a freshly cooked pork product?) but all too often it’s sitting in a telltale grease puddle. Enter Monica Matheny of blog The Yummy Life and her handy roasted bacon method. You’ll be spared grease splatters, you can make an entire batch at once and it’s healthier (the fat is drained away rather than absorbed back into the strips). We’re sold.

(via  Health News )

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