5 Compelling Reasons Why You Should Learn Python To Become A Data...

5 Compelling Reasons Why You Should Learn Python To Become A Data Scientist

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Data Science is experiencing phenomenal growth. This is because the latent potential of data is being realized by organizations of all scales worldwide. In a competitive and highly volatile economic landscape, survival of the fittest is the buzzword for every niche. To predict the mood of market and remain prepared for changes, accurate and actionable insights are sought by companies. Python is the scripting framework that is empowering data analysts to mine relevant information from terabytes of big data being generated every day. Companies accordingly are not shying away from opening the mouths of their wallets for programmers and analysts who can offer decisive information by analysing the data.

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The moot question is why learning Python is the best thing you can do for your career right now. Well, Python is the language that is most used for scripting. It offers feature rich libraries and APIs not only for data science domain but also for AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML (Machine Learning).

How Learning Python Can Drive Your Career on A Growth Trajectory?

Python has been around for many years but has risen to prominence in recent past. This can be attributed to its flexibility of usage, powerful libraries, and versatility of catering to different domains like data science and ML. Investment in learning Data Science with Python training would repay itself manifold times in the form of rewarding career opportunities and prospects of continuous growth. Learning Python is beneficial for your career as you may discover below.

1) Awesome Salaries

Two of the world’s top job portals, Indeed and Gooroo, have reported that the average salary commanded by Python developers per annum in USA is $123,743 and $110,021 respectively as on April 2019. (Source). With experience and expanding expertise in different verticals of Python, the salaries grow exponentially.

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Source: https://www.daxx.com

2) Tremendous Popularity

Daxx, the frequently visited technology site, reported that StackOverflow’s Developer Survey of 2018 shows Python as the software technology that has been experiencing highest demand. Among software professionals, Python enjoys huge popularity and is ranked as the world’s most preferred programming language.

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Source: https://www.daxx.com

This also implies that you would always have access to the ever-increasing resource base and can also seek support from a vibrant community. You would naturally be better positioned to leverage the potential of this powerful language for your professional pursuits.

3) Best Fit for Data Science

Python has toppled R as the most favoured language for data science and ML. If you have ‘Python’ qualification on your resume, you are bound to secure a high paying job as Data Analyst. This is because companies are forgoing R in favour of expansive frameworks and libraries of Python (NumPy, PyMySQL etc.), versatility of Python (creating scripts for automating things, facilitate web development etc.), and dedicated libraries for building machine learning codes.

4) Helps in Multi-tasking

To prove your mettle as a worthy employee of your organization who deserves hefty rise in perks and compensation every year, your portfolio should be diverse. Python allows you to accomplish this easily. This language under its roof allows you to analyse data, automate repeat tasks, avail machine learning, build web applications, and so on. With availability of frameworks and libraries such as Flask, Django etc., developing web apps has become easier. Python allows faster completion of complex tasks which usually require many lines of coding in other frameworks like PHP. With so many skills in your repertoire, you definitely would prove to be a prized asset to your organization.

5) Python Resource Base Is Continuously Expanding

Python is a simple language free of difficult syntaxes and complicated rules. Also, the number of tutorials and other supportive resources available online is far more compared to other languages. This implies that whenever you find yourself stuck with a problem, you can always refer insightful documents or seek help from someone in the community.

The increasing resource base for Python is evident from the fact that the search frequency for Python tutorials over the net has increased tremendously. The popularity of Python has grown in tandem, about 17% during past 5 years.

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Source: http://pypl.github.io/PYPL.html

Certification in Python

As online users continue to grow, interactions over the internet keeps amplifying, and more number of enterprises make their online debuts; volume of data would only grow exponentially. The time is opportune for securing a certification in Python from a leading institute. Adding cutting-edge to your skill base through Data Science with Python course will open many lucrative career avenues for you.

Before concluding, we leave you with salaries being drawn by Python programmers worldwide.

data science python
Source: https://www.daxx.com
data science python
Source: https://www.daxx.com
data science python
Source: https://www.daxx.com


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