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5 Incredibly Useful Honeymoon Destinations Tips For Newlyweds

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[dropcap]O[/dropcap]ne renowned relationship expert described the honeymoon as the icing on the cake. It’s arguably the sweetest part of the wedding event. This explains why potential brides and grooms agonize about the best honeymoon destinations in the world.

To save you the pains of scouring every travel guide, we have compiled a comprehensive list of fabulous places to consider when planning your wedding and honeymoon. Our list includes destinations for deal-seeking honeymooners, because as one romance expert said, “Sometimes, the wedding party numbers will eat into the honeymoon budget. Have a different savings account specifically for the after-wedding travel plans.” You can also check out honeymoon destinations rated by Weddingforward.

1. Thailand


This Asian country is perfect for low-budget honeymooners. It offers tourists the opportunity to relax and enjoy themselves without compromising on quality.

Thailand is uniquely blessed for its beautiful nightlife, therapeutic spas, quaint temples, colorful markets and shopping malls as well as its delicious foods and drinks (you should definitely taste their coconut cocktails).

If you live in colder climes, you might want to consider holidaying in this tropical country for a change. There is nothing better than sightseeing, enjoying a massage and/or drinking rare tea in perfect weather.

If you want to enjoy a memorable honeymoon for a small fee, then Thailand is your go-to destinations. You and your beloved can even consider taking a private crash course in culinary studies. Book with the tutors in Phuket: One advantage of these cooking classes is that they give couples authentic experiences at the flea market and the chef’s Balinese. It is also a great way to bond while eating Thailand.

2. Seychelles

An outdoor dining setting at Seychelles

Every travel entrepreneur seems to be recommending this scenic destination. Research has shown that it ranks high in the honeymoon destination list of most couples. Why? Probably because this East African country is made up of 100 islands. And probably because holiday packages come with beach and unforgettable outdoor activities. Again, the delicious island cuisine is worth dying for.

Honeymooners often opt for developed islands such as Coco Island, Petite Anse, Head to La Digue Island, Anse Source D’Argent and the ‘Garden of Eden’ on Praslin Island. Depending on your budget, you can spend a few days and nights snorkeling, diving, sun tanning on the beach, shopping in the bustling Victoria Market.

If you love nature, take time to saunter through the beautiful Seychelles National Botanical Garden. Explore the sights and smells of different exotic and endemic plants. There are different spice and fruit trees to discover too. Don’t forget that sweet smelling plants and fruits can reduce stress and boost feelings of happiness. It’s a fantastic way to improve your sex drive.

The Seychelles National Botanical Garden also shelters an impressive variety of wildlife. You can find Aldabra tortoises that are over one hundred and fifty years old.

Visiting Seychelles might not be as cheap a destination as Thailand, but it is also a fantastic place to cool off after your wedding.

3. Fiji Islands

Fiji Islands

Very few destinations can compete with the Fiji Islands. Travel experts often refer to it as the Honeymooners Paradise. And with good reason. Surf through pictures of the island and you’ll see why.

Honeymooners often prefer this destination because of its exotic view. It’s easy to take pictures for your Instagram and Facebook pages. Explore the scenic islands by basking under the shades of the swaying Palm trees and diving in its yellow sandy beaches. You can go bungee jumping on its rugged cliffs and take simple nature walks on its hilly meadows. If you like a good adventure, consider fire-walking in Beqa,

Explore popular tourist destinations such as Falls of Taveuni, Viti Levu, Nadi, Mamanucas, Vanua Levu and Savusavu.

To make the most of your time in this paradise, visit when the weather is perfect. According to experts April to September is actually the best time to honeymoon in the Fiji Islands.

4. Hawaii


Hawaii is arguably one of the most romantic honeymoon destinations in the world. It is popular for its warm, friendly weather and its scenic islands and its perfect sandy beaches.

Hawaii appeals more to a couple who are seeking to splurge on during their honeymoon vacations. Exploring the city’s sophisticated pleasures and exotic beachside resorts require a lot of money. But this destination is worth every penny spent here. Think about all the historical landmarks to explore. There is Pearl Harbor and the Volcanoes National Park. And there are other beautiful sites too. For instance, you can visit Hana Road, Waikiki, Maui Ocean Center, Waipio Valley and Mauna Kea.

Just like every other place, there is an ideal time for tourists to visit. And that’s between December and February.

5. Bora Bora

bors bora

The Bora Bora island is on every positive travel list in the world. And that’s because this French Polynesian island has all the scenic attractions newlyweds need to make their honeymoon memorable.

What’s more, the locals are friendly and generous. Plus you can lodge in one of the water-borne accommodations. You can also choose accommodation on land. The choice is yours.

Climatic conditions are most suitable for tourists from June to October. So you may want to plan your holiday around that time.

Imagine traversing the green hills with the gentle breeze caressing your faces. Imagine the breathtaking views you can capture from the top of the hills.

Adventure-seeking couples can also go snorkeling, sea-diving and running. The Eastern side of Matira Beach boasts of a fantastic hiking trail too. Many newlyweds have shared stories about bonding on the trail and kissing atop the Mount Otemanu and Mount Toopua.

Consider shopping in the bustling Tahiti Pearl Market (you can buy a surprise gift for your beloved). Wheel drive across East Matira, Amanahune Bay and Faanui Canon islands

Conclusion (And bonus tip)

While choosing destinations, you might want to ask yourself the following important questions.

  • Are our honeymoon expectations realistic?
  • Can we get deals and offers for the breathtaking destination we want?
  • Can we choose an equally beautiful but affordable place to visit?
  • I want to post fabulous honeymoon pictures on Facebook and Instagram. Should I go into debt because of the travel costs? (The experts do not recommend this).

Newly-weds deserve to enjoy their honeymoons. After all, wedding planning comes with stress galore. Enjoy your wanderlust by exploring the destinations on our list.

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