5 Types Of Pastors You Should Always Avoid

5 Types Of Pastors You Should Always Avoid

By All Christian News on April 17, 2014
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According to Scott Postma, author, church planter, and lead pastor of Northpointe Community Church in Las Vegas, NV, the reason why so many churches are on the decline in attendance may not be because people are losing their faith in God but because they are fed up with some of the pastor’s unbiblical ways.

The co-founder of Northpointe goes on to say that he believes that the way some pastors act has as much to do with the falling away of congregations, as does the pull of worldly desires and influences.

Here are 5 types of pastor that Postma is concerned about:

  1. Pastors who don’t concentrate on making Disciples of Christ, but instead build up church programs. Postma believes too many church programs can hurt God’s true mission in bringing in His Kingdom. It’s better for pastors to concentrate on making disciples and let God worry about the rest, he says.
  2. Pastors who stray away from Biblical teaching to promote their own views about the way we should live our lives. According to the lead pastor, self-help sermons may help people in their times of difficulty, but it’s better to give them a solid grounding in Scripture so that they may learn about the ultimate helper, Jesus Christ.
  3. Pastors who forget that their role is to lead people to Christ, not businessmen trying to make the most profit for their church. Pastors should spend their time studying the Word of God and pass on that knowledge to their members, writes Postma. He adds that too many of them are concerned with their popularity and building up church funds.
  4. Pastors who are greedy for money. Instead of building huge megachurches with all the latest gadgets and comforts, it might be better to plant other churches in order to reach those who are un-churched, according to Postma. He adds that pastors don’t actually need multi-million-dollar sound systems to reach their congregation and that money could be more wisely spent proclaiming the gospel in other regions.
  5. Pastors who forget that God is in charge. Postma believes that too many pastors build themselves up so that their members cannot survive without them. He adds that the pastor should remember that it is Jesus Christ that saves people and not the pastor, who is only supposed to be guiding people to Him for Salvation and healing.

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