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In a perfect world, your furry little friends would never have to suffer from any kind of health issues. However, the best way to make this world reality is to make sure you keep an eye on them to catch the signs of any developing health issues and help your pet deal with their issues as quickly as you can.

Common Issues

As unfortunate as it is, there are many common health issues with pets, and that the pet owner should know how to deal as soon as they begin presenting.

Gum Disease. A major issue for any kind of animal is gum disease. If you aren’t careful to help your pets keep their gums and teeth well looked after, they can develop all kinds of issues in their mouths, which can be truly torturous for an animal that can’t understand why they feel this pain.

Ear Infections. Another painful problem for pups with long ears is the ever-present risk of ear infections. Because their long ears stop proper airflow and washing, dogs with long ears are particularly prone to painful ear infections, which can be seen by redness and irritation inside their ears. If your pup is scratching at their ears a lot, try talking to your vet about solutions.

Obesity. Although it’s a little sad, one of the most common issues that pets have to deal with in today’s society is obesity. Spoiler alert: dogs can have high cholesterol, too, which means that no matter how much they might beg, you shouldn’t feed your favorite furry critter bacon for breakfast every morning.

Overgrown Nails. A common issue with house pets is overgrown nails. A lack of walking on hard paths, either because your animal simply doesn’t go on enough walks or your route takes them over soft earth more than hard paths, means that your animal’s nails can grow too long and interfere with their ability to walk comfortably. This is generally fairly easy to spot due to the curling of overgrown nails and their interference with your dog’s ability to easily walk.

Unusual Things

Beyond these simple issues, there are also a plethora of more complex and less common health issues that your furry little puppy might, unfortunately, fall victim to.

Parasites. Whether your dog was a little behind on its worming tablets or happened to pick up a stranger parasite, these are dangerous issues for your dog to deal with as they cannot communicate their discomfort. Keep your eyes out for signs of parasitic infection in your dog, and never be afraid to seek expert opinions if you become concerned.

Chronic Issues. These are more commonly an issue for older dogs, who have developed issues like arthritis due to a long life. However, sometimes the breed of a dog or unfortunate circumstances can result in these issues in younger dogs. Chronic issues range from breathing problems to epilepsy and should be dealt with closely with a vet.

What to Do

In almost every case, the best thing to do if you are worried about your pet’s health is to talk to your vet about the issue. Your vet is a trained professional and will know exactly what to do, and more importantly, what not to do, about your animal’s health issues.


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