Blogger Exposes Aisha Buhari USA Photos As Photoshopped?

Blogger Exposes Aisha Buhari USA Photos As Photoshopped? [LOOK]

By Ekamma Jacobs | Staff Reporter on August 8, 2016
Photo number 6 (top) and 6 (bottom)

Euphemia Udanoh, a blogger and social media political activist has poked some holes into photos being shared online by supporters of the All Progressives Congress, APC, purportedly showing Nigeria’s first lady, Aisha Buhari at the 25th anniversary of the Zumunta Association USA, in Washington DC.

Udanoh, who owns an eponymous blog, laid out her points on Facebook with the photos circulating online among APC fans of Aisha Buhari, who is currently on a controversial US trip which Ekiti PDP has suggested that she visited Doha, Qatar just to deflect attention from the claim that she was involved in the William Jefferson bribery case.

Read her post (unedited) below and check the photos in the gallery below marked with numbers for your easy reference. (Click on any image to enlarge)

So ooooo…….. Sahara Reporters sold APC dummies these pictures and they went about masturbating that Aisha Buhari was at the Zumunta Association event in Maryland?

Get this straight… attention!

Pictures ONE and TWO are the only authentic pictures here and came from the scene of the Zumunta Association event in Maryland…..Aisha Buhari was not in either of the pictures.

Now look at the pictures as you read my questions…..look very well!

First discovery will blow your mind!

Look at picture ONE and FIVE, the lady standing in the middle of six women in the FIRST picture, is the same lady wearing a sky blue native, standing by the LEFT in the FIFTH picture showing Aisha Buhari, same night they said, why different dress? Different locations & event

Photo number 1 (top) and 5 (bottom)
Photo number 1 (top) and 5 (bottom)

Why didn’t Aisha Buhari take a picture where the Zumunta Association banner is, like others did in pictures ONE and TWO? Authentic pictures

One hall, three different walls? Check all the pictures and see that only picture ONE and TWO have the same wall……THREE and FOUR have different walls in the same hall ?

Photo number 3 (top) and 4 (bottom)
Photo number 3 (top) and 4 (bottom)

Where’s Emir Sanusi, we were told that he’s at the event?

Why’s the table water in picture FOUR different from the one in picture SIX? Different events

Why was it not Aisha Buhari that sat beside this unknown Emir?

Can you really get high standard Hall in US with those kind of dirty floor tiles hmmmmm? …..That’s by the way shaa

It’s a night event and not a single shadow in the picture FOUR showing Abike Dabiri and the Emir? Fake picture

Photo # 4
Photo # 4

What’s that stain on Abike’s dress, on the left sleeve of her dress and why’s her shoulder that big? Evidence of Photoshop

Why’s a part of Abike’s dress resting on the Emirs body? Photoshop error

Look closely at the man sitting beside the Emir and see the cut and paste lines around his body….. Photoshop gone bad

Do Emirs tie and untie their mouth as they wish? look at picture TWO and FOUR? …..That’s by the way shaa

Photo number 2 (left) and4 (right)
Photo number 2 (left) and4 (right)

Is Abike Dabiri this busty with this small head? Photoshop ?

Look at the Emirs shoulder in picture FOUR, what’s that bulge there?

Now, you know the truth, but it’s OK to deceive yourselves


  1. This government is full of deceit and am quite sure it won’t last all the way as sang by Bob Marley “you can fool some people sometimes but you can’t fool all the people all the time ” Nigerians and even their supporters will soon see the light and it will consume all of them.

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