Meet The Newlywed Husband And Wife Who Look Like Identical Twins (PHOTOS)

Meet The Newlywed Husband And Wife Who Look Like Identical Twins (PHOTOS)


Identical Couple1-The Trent

A couple who recently tied the knot look so much alike that people mistake them for identical twins.

Don’t get it twisted, the duo aren’t lesbians as they live in Russia one of the countries where same-sex relationships is a illegal and considered a social taboo.

Their story seems to be quite intricate because they are both heterosexuals.

At the left (above) is Alison Brooks 19, married to ‘Androgyne’ Dmitry Kozhukhov, who prefers to be known as Alina Davis.

Alison was born male in 1991 and her preferred name “androgyne” refers to her not being fitted perfectly as either male or female and she is more comfortable being a woman than male. This makes her feel strongly for the female folks.

However, they experienced some hitches in Moscow about both wearing wedding gowns as Russian Registry officials were not comfortable with their decision but they finally succeeded.

Identical Couple2-The Trent

She has tied the knot with Alison Brooks, 19 – and one of the main challenges they faced was being accepted into a registry office in Moscow if they both wore bridal dresses. Despite outrage from staff, the ceremony went ahead, because there are no rules on a couple wearing the same outfit.

According a report in the Metro, Alina feels that the ceremony would enlighten other couples in Russia who are in unconventional relationships.

In her words, ‘We are not alone in having such problems. I have written to couples who are planning similar marriages and are afraid of failures with registration. Be aware – you cannot be refused.’

‘After all, girls are the fairer sex. They are beautiful. So if a guy looks like a girl – it’s wonderful.’

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  1. This is beautiful! I’m so happy for people who are brave and free enough to be exactly who they are. I feel sorry for anyone who hates this. Why would or should this bother anyone and who doesn’t like looking at a beautiful person, male or female?

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