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Naira Marley Loses Half a Million Instagram Followers Amid Controversy Over Mohbad’s Death

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LAGOS, Nigeria – In the aftermath of the controversial death of his former signee, Mohbad, Nigerian music artist Azeez Fashola, better known as Naira Marley, has lost more than 500,000 followers on Instagram.

The significant drop in followers comes after footage emerged showing Mohbad being harassed and assaulted allegedly by Naira Marley and his friends.

A Coordinated Departure

Prior to the controversy, Naira Marley had a strong social media presence, boasting 7.5 million followers on Instagram. However, the number plummeted to approximately 7 million in what appears to be a coordinated action by fans grieving Mohbad’s loss.

The dramatic drop in followership signifies a substantial blow to Naira Marley’s public image and potential commercial partnerships tied to his social media influence.

Lingering Questions, Awaiting Answers

Though no concrete evidence directly links Naira Marley to Mohbad’s death, the circulating video clips showing that Naira Marley unleashed a sustained campaign of violence, assault, and intimidation on MohBad, have fueled suspicion and public outcry.

Many fans are calling for a thorough investigation to bring clarity and justice to the situation.

Police Commence Investigation

On Monday, September 18, 2023, the Lagos State Police formally began their probe into Mohbad’s death. The initial phase of the investigation saw the deceased’s father, family members, and other witnesses meeting with the Lagos State Commissioner of Police.

The department has yet to release details concerning the scope and direction of the investigation, but the commencement suggests that law enforcement is taking the public’s concerns seriously.

Public Sentiment Weighs Heavy

The controversy surrounding Mohbad’s death and the subsequent loss of followers for Naira Marley indicates the significant influence of public opinion, especially when shaped by social media.

In an era where news travels fast, public figures like Naira Marley often find their reputations hanging in the balance as they navigate controversies that unfold in real-time on platforms like Instagram.

With ongoing police investigations and a palpable sense of public demand for accountability, the coming weeks will be critical for both the grieving family of Mohbad and the embattled artist Naira Marley.

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