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Gospel Singer And Pastor Deitrick Haddon’s Ex-Wife Says He Got His Mistress Pregnant While They Were Still Married

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Pastor Deitrick Haddon is one of the most famous pastors in the world, but he’s been criticized for putting his secular existence ahead of his spiritual one.  A recent article from Madamenoire.com highlights some of the personal issues that this pastor is dealing with, and it’s making people wonder if he’s the kind of man of God that he wants everyone to think he is.

It appears that the pastor’s ex-wife Damita is speaking about his current wife, Domonique.   Damita says that the pastor, despite public assertions to the contrary, actually got his current wife pregnant while he was married to his previous wife.  She hadn’t spoken about the divorce publicly until recently, but is now spilling the beans on her ex-husband.

Even worse, Damita says that the “good pastor” left her right after her mother died, which is a nasty contrast to his image as a man of God.

“Nobody’s stupid,” Damita told Path MEGAzine. “Especially people who have been married before or been in relationships. The process of divorce takes time. If I was going through anything in our marriage and nothing was wrong in our marriage—I’m just putting that out there—we were bickering, there was no infidelity. We were happily and successfully pastoring in Detroit.”

The former pastor’s wife then went even harder against her ex-husband’s reputation, stating that she was going through a difficult period after the death of her mother.  She says that, despite the fact that she was under the impression that the bickering between the two would be put to the side in a time of crisis, this is when the pastor decided to bolt from their family.

Even worse, she says that the pastor left around the same time as the BET Celebration of Gospel, making it appear that her husband was struck with the fame and glory of being in the public spotlight and less intrigued by doing the hard work of supporting his wife in her time of need.  To top it all off, the mistress that she says he was seeing on the side “just happened” to turn up pregnant.

“He left in the Month of June, around the BET Celebration of Gospel, I believe,” she added. “He left two days after I buried my mom. Until that day, what ever issues or arguments or beef that we had like marriages do, had been squashed after my mom died. I wasn’t under the impression that he was going anywhere but two days after I buried my mom he left. Next thing I know there’s somebody pregnant. That just doesn’t add up, you don’t sleep with a random person and get her pregnant.”

What do you think?  Are many of these famous “men of God” really representing the spirit of God or only worshipping the gods of fame and fortune?  Should his ex-wife have remained quiet or does she deserve the right to share her side of the story?

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