See The Ghost House Where Things Move And Doors Open On Their...

See The Ghost House Where Things Move And Doors Open On Their Own (PHOTOS)

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A Ghost house has been discovered in Hull, East Yorkshire, where strange things happen including doors opening by themselves and things moving on their own.

The spooky seven-bedroom house known as “The Hostel” by paranormal experts, is notorious for its spooky aura, with stories of moving chairs, objects flying through the air and candles blowing out, according to Mirror UK.

A 26-year-old woman, Becci Cook, who has gone into the house revealed that spooky forces began to take hold as soon as the group passed through the front door .

She said: “The activity started the moment we got inside.

“Things moved and three people even vomited. There was this amazing feeling of sickness that came over us.

“Doors opened on their own and one man even had a ball thrown at him when he said he could live here.”

Another ghost-hunter, Sue Thompson, 60, who was also brave enough to step over the threshold of 39 De Gray Street, said: “It was a very exciting night.

“We got an amazing response from the table-tipping, the seance and the Ouija board.

“You always got the sense something was standing behind you and the experiments we carried out proved to me something was there.

“Each ghost hunt is different but you need energy and enthusiasm among the group you are with and there was a lot of that.”

Corroborating the report, Jolene Lockwood who was also among the brave people to have entered the ghost house said: “We had one guest struck on the head with ball and a number of names brought through the spirit box.

“Hair being touched, feelings of sickness and emotions. It was a fantastic night.

“We discovered the evil spirit of a man upstairs and then a woman and three children below.

“We got the name of ten-year-old Walter dated from 1840. He indicated he died after a hanging.”

Becci added: “I came across the names of Walter, Richard and Alexander. The evil spirit admitted to us he had abused and murdered the woman and children. He said the children were buried in the courtyard and were still there.”

Narrating his own experience, the owner of the ghost house, Andy Yates, said: “I lived in the house by myself, and I came downstairs to find steak knives balanced on the plates in the drying rack.

“I’ve tried to rent the house out a couple of times, but the longest anyone has lasted is four days. Some people couldn’t return after measuring the house up for furniture.

“I once saw a child’s shadow come out of the fireplace and hover for about 15 minutes.”

Below are some photos of the haunted house. (Click on any image to enlarge).


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