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SHOCKING: 10-Year-Old Convicted For Having Affair With Married Woman

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A 10-year-old boy has been convicted of having an affair with a girl following a tribal court in rural Pakistan, with his family ordered to hand over £4,400 in compensation. 

The youngster, named as Taimoor Banglani, was tried at a special court, known as a jirga, who found him guilty of engaging in an extramarital affair, despite his young age.

The court ordered the boy’s family to hand over £330 immediately, with the remaining cash due within the next three months.

According to a report on Dawn.com, the boy was brought before the jirga after being accused of having the affair by a rival family.

Both families live in a village near Tankwani, in Pakistan’s Kandhkot-district.

The jirga was headed by tribal elder Jehangir Banglani who has previously been involved in several highly contentious decisions.

 In 2014, Banglani settled a dispute between a police officer who allegedly murdered his two wives after he accused them of having an affair.

In a controversial decision, the jirga ruled that the man accused of having the affair should offer his two daughters, aged five and 15 to the police officer as recompense so the girls could marry his sons.

In addition to handing over his two daughters, the man was also ordered to pay the police man almost  £8,000.

Then the man, Sanullah Banglani, in protest against his sentence tried to set himself alight the local press club.

He was later charged with attempting suicide.

According to a report in the Express Tribune, Sanullah claimed: ‘Instead of hearing my plea and providing me justice, the police have arrested me and have filed a case against me’

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