Security Camera Catches Man Attempting To Murder His Girlfriend By Shoving Her...

Security Camera Catches Man Attempting To Murder His Girlfriend By Shoving Her Down A Hole [LOOK]

By Business Insider on February 19, 2014

A CCTV security camera in Haikou, China captured what looks like a man shoving a woman down a manhole then covering up the spot with cardboard. The incident happened in mid-December but the video is making its way around the Internet right now.

The pair reportedly had a relationship and the man owed her $20,000.

The woman was rescued 60 hours later when she was heard crying for help. The manhole was three meters deep, according to TomoNews. The woman tried to make a ladder out of clothes but it didn’t work.

“I did not sleep at all the first night I fell in the manhole,” the woman, Guo, was quoted as saying. “I could see the darkness around me. I thought that I would not be choked to death if I looked up.”

Here are some screengrabs if you’d rather scroll than watch:

The security camera first shows the man spotting the manhole, uncovering it, and covering it up with something that looks like cardboard.

Next, the man is seen running with the woman in the rain toward the uncovered manhole.

Next, the man shoves the woman down the manhole, along with the umbrella.

The umbrella has now disappeared too.

Next, he covers up the spot with the manhole cover and what looks like a piece of plastic or cardboard.

Later, people heard the woman’s cries from down below.

Here she is being rescued. The hole was reportedly 3 meters deep.

The woman didn’t have clothes on because she tried and fail to create a chain with them to climb out and save herself. Here’s what part of the chain looked like:

And here’s what the manhole she was pushed down looks like:


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