#SoundOff: How The South Eats Up Its Liberators

#SoundOff: How The South Eats Up Its Liberators

By Opinions | The Trent on October 20, 2015

by Godsgyft St Pius

Critically looking at the rare emergence of people like Uwazuruike, Kanu, Tompolo, Asari, Adams, Fasheun, et al, from the South, I see certain trend especially among certain persons in the same ethnic nationality with them displaying fundamental mistakes….. whether it is out of fear, envy, ignorance, self pity or ‘sabi sabi’ I can’t really tell but what I observe is the fact that these certain persons among certain ethnic nationalities hate their liberator(s) with passion.

I would limit this short post to the recent Radio Biafra case.

I see an Igbo man pointing at every seemingly evil Kanu of Radio Biafra did. To them, Kanu does not have the right to kiss a woman on the street. He does not have the right to own fleets of cars, nor have the right to travel abroad to enjoy himself. Kanu does not have the right to wear designers clothes, nor the right to speak good English. To them, Nnamdi Kanu has no right to travel on first class as long as they live.

In the psyche of these people, Kanu of Radio Biafra should hide in a village somewhere in Abia state, with tattered clothes, eating locust and honey like John the Baptist or gathering people and materials for the preparation of ‘Ogbenigwe’ to fight the government like Ojukwu or training interested Biafrans in some valleys in Enugu like Charles Taylor, etc.

To these set of people, liberating them must be physically done and the liberator must sacrifice his life like Jesus Christ of Nazareth otherwise, he must be criticized and tagged not serious. They never understood the other tactics of liberation which is determined by civilization, time, readiness, trends, etc, but judge their liberator(s) in their fears, selfish, envious, hatred in the alter of their ignorances.

My advice to these people is still to learn from the NORTH.

Godzgyft St Pius is a Nigerian and an ardent of true federalism, resource control for the people of Nigeria, and believes in self determination. He strongly believe in equity fairness and justice. Connect with him on Facebook

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