Tips For Baking The Perfect Sponge Cake

Tips For Baking The Perfect Sponge Cake

By Lifestyles | The Trent on December 16, 2013

by James Carterto

When you want your sponge cake recipe to work out perfectly, you need to follow certain tips that will ensure that you avoid mistakes during the process of preparation.

Making sponge cakes is an important step in creating a reputation for you among the cake lovers. These cakes are different from butter cakes as they include a small amount fat, apart from the fat that is present in the egg yolks. When you follow the traditional recipe for sponge cakes, you make cakes that rise due to the air that has been beaten into the eggs and not by adding baking powder or soda.

There are some techniques that create a really good sponge cake recipe that are challenging even for the more experienced bakers. These bakers try to increase the volume of their cakes whenever they follow the same recipe which is a challenging task. The following tips are helpful for making the best sponge cakes.

In your cake recipe, you will have to whip eggs into the mixture. When whipping the eggs, you should use warm ones as they create more air into the mixture and result in a greater volume of the cake rather than when cold eggs are whipped. It would be a good idea to separate the white of the egg from the yolk as that would create more volume in the mixture. When whisking the egg yolks and sugar, wait until the mixture becomes thick and changes its color to lime yellow. A ribbon-like texture forms when you lift the beater and put it back down.

The best sponge cake recipes are made with the help of an electric mixer or beater as the mixing becomes easier. The precise time at which the ingredients should be added is extremely important. The ingredients should be measured correctly before starting the procedure. It would be advisable to use measuring cups for accuracy. You should also have the cake tins greased and your oven preheated at the start so that you can get on with the recipe with ease as any mismanagement of time might result in sponge cakes that lack perfection.

While you are warming your eggs, you should add sugar as that ensures that the eggs do not coagulate due to the heat. When heating the egg whites or the egg yolks, you should keep checking them till they feel warm on your fingertips. They should then be added to the mixing bowl and whisked until a thick mixture forms.

The whisking should be stopped when the desired texture has been achieved. According to the sponge cake recipe, one third of the beaten eggs should be added to the cake mixture. This mixture should be stirred slowly until a uniform mixture results. The rest of the egg whites should then be added while gently stirring the mixture until it appears smooth. Once this mixture is ready, it should be distributed amongst the cake tins prepared earlier and then transferred into the preheated oven. They should be baked until fully cooked.


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