Think Labour Pains Comes Easy? See How These Men Did It (PHOTOS,...

Think Labour Pains Comes Easy? See How These Men Did It (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

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A group of men have volunteered to take up a ‘Labour Pain Challenge’ to prove that labour might actually be not less as painful as it seems but they got something beyond their bargains.

The soon-to-be fathers were subjected to a labor pain simulator in Nanchang, China just to give them a peak into what their mothers went through just to bring them forth.

They were reportedly strapped to a machine that would better give them an idea of what their mother’s went through all those years ago.

Additionally,  show were fitted with small fake bumps to simulate the awkwardness and weight of a pregnancy belly.

According to Mail Online, the men were forced to walk around and experienced their fair share of pain from their new-found back-aching stomachs before the real pain caught up with them.

The hosts subsequently stuck what is thought to be electrodes to the volunteers’ abdomens that would cause their muscles to contract time and time again, just the same way women experience it during labour.

The volunteers shrieked in horror at first and even laughed in serious amusement of the experiment until the real deal came when they started burying their heads in the closest pillows.

The purpose of the pain-inflicting exercise is supposedly to remind people of how much women suffer during childbirth and to ensure due respect is given for their contribution.

At least now men would know which is more painful between a kick in the groins or the pains of childbirth.



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