20 Photos You Definitely Can’t Look Away From – #15 Is The...

20 Photos You Definitely Can’t Look Away From – #15 Is The Best

By Lifestyles | The Trent on June 27, 2015
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Just look forward, dude. The moment will pass.


Sorry, North Shore. She’s just not that into you. Yet. Here’s what North Shore needs to do. Back off, give her some space, for like 15 to 20 years. In the meantime, start a tech company, sell it for like three billion dollars to Facebook or Google and then come back to her and see how she feels. If she’s still on the fence, you can say, “Hey. Remember that North Shore T-shirt I was wearing that day you shot me down in the backyard? Well, now I own a mansion ON the North Shore. Of Hawaii. We good?” If she’s still not that into you, we don’t know what to tell you.

Right in the vagina. Brought to you by Hefeweizen & Corona.

This picture captures the essence of college for boys. You show up with two twelvers of beer and your thank you is a tennis ball to the balls (soundtrack’d by the laughter of all your friends). And it only goes down hill from here. Those twelve-packs of beer aren’t even opened yet. Once those things are gone, that’s when the real sophistication starts. The slapping, the burping, the lighting farts on fire, super suave pick up lines to girls you’ve somehow talked into coming over. It’s #collegelifebro. What more could you want? A lot, but you don’t learn that for years, until after the tennis ball-crotch shots stop.

My grandpa, the meme.

Essentially, this is why the Internet was created. To combine random, bizarre, funny things and then share them with other people because you can. And in comparison to pornography (which seems to be the other main function of the Internet) you can’t say a picture of an old person turned into a lightbulb has any more, or less merit. It’s all just content, man. Sometimes it’s people having sex, sometimes it’s 65 WAT. The point… actually, there might not be a point to the Internet. Other than to exist. We’ll leave you with that thought, which, is about the equivalent of the picture above. It may not have a point, but it definitely exits. And nobody can tell you otherwise.

Show off.

For any of you looking at this picture and like, freaking out about all the exhaust and how it contributes to global warming, you can relax. This pilot had a special engine installed before he performed this stunt. The exhaust from his plane, while it looks harmful, is actually carbon-free, emission-free, gluten-free, fat-free and it’s not racist, homophobic or gender-biased. It’s really, really good, pro-transgender, vegetarian exhaust. So just chill the eff out and enjoy the spectacle, knowing that no one or any thing is being harmed in the performance of this stunt. Except poor people. The exhaust from this plane hates poor people. LOL.


Funny story about this pic. Although it looks like she’s having fun, after this photo was taken, this girl was pulled out to sea and never seen again. Not true obviously. Dolphins would never do that. Everybody knows, besides doggies, dolphins are a man’s best BFF. They love us, play with us, and let us hold their fins and ride them (for a fee; this girls’ parents no doubt had to pay some natives a “swimming with dolphins” fee; also, can you still say natives?; actually, it’s probably “indigenous people,” that’s who her parents had to pay to swim with the dolphins).

They call this tree the “cloud pincher.”

This tree would make great firewood. Before you get upset, remember that the key to building a quality fire is – surprise – the quality of the wood itself. What you need is really really dry wood. Like this old, dead tree. You can tell there isn’t a drop of moisture in that sucker. One match and it’d light up like that.

Somebody’s into water sports.

You’re laughing but do YOU own a jet ski? Didn’t think so. We do have a question though. Is this guy on his way to sell the jet ski? For parts or something? Because that makes sense. What makes less sense is anything else. If you’re unfortunate enough to be homeless, having a jet ski should be the last of your concerns. This is a beyond obvious observation but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be made #homelesswithajetski.

College is for expanding the mind.

The guy on the left is chugging – CHUGGING – from a handle of Captain Morgan. We’d bet a pile of vomit he got into some kind of trouble 10 to 15 minutes after this photo was taken. Probably with that kid in the fluorescent T-shirt. He looks like he’s #uptonogood. How does literally anything other than random sex and hangovers get achieved in college?

Good idea, well executed.

This is actually a lot less dumb than it looks. If anything happens, like, say, if the feet of the ladder were to move one millimeter and the guy were to fall? He’d probably be ok because the power lines would catch him on the way down. Crisis averted. The downside would be his death-by-electrocution, but his body would fine. Not a single scrape or broken bone.

Gettin’ after it.

Let’s consider the fact that it’s inside the realm of possibility that this woman is reading an article about the importance of exercise. At least she’s reading, exercising her mind. There’s SOME exercise happening.

It’s officially 2015.

This guy actually has a sick Instagram. His shots of Vatican City are so tight. Also he takes great pictures of food. Not sure what filter he uses but it really brings out the character of the cuisine.

All up on ya nutsack.

Nobody said the life of a mascot would be easy. That’s why you don’t go into it lightly. Like being a Navy Seal.

In your cellphone contacts: “zipper face chick”

Whatever this is, we’re sure she has a good reason. There’s no way this is her every day makeup. It’d take too long, and what kind of job would let you show up this way?

Checkin’ out his package.

What do you call this haircut? What do you tell the groomer? “Gimme the… Or… Actually can you just make him look like a lion, unicorn thing? Does that make sense?”


What’s more disturbing? The fact that the kid’s drinking out of a gross dog bowl, or that the parents aren’t stopping him and taking a photo instead?

Not all selfies were created equal.

The thing about this picture – and it’s not immediately visible – but if you look, you’ll notice a super hot chick in what looks to be a helicopter. Scream out “Hot chick!” when you spot her. If you’re at a Starbucks right now, scream it really loud.

Shot in the face.

This is straight up karma. Girl in the middle didn’t like her friends pic on Instagram earlier that day. Payback’s a bi-atch.


Don’t know a lot about motorcycle moves but which one is this? What’s it called? Is there a name?


Everything but the gloves are normal. Also, could this possibly be somebody’s dad? Really hope not.

Nailed it.

It’s hard to even get into the comedy of this photo because the guy in the middle has such a hot stomach.

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