25 Foods You Have To Eat Before You Die

25 Foods You Have To Eat Before You Die [LOOK]

By HuffPost on January 29, 2014
efik people edikang ikong
World famous delicacy: Edikang Ikong Soup of the Efik People of Cross River State

There are a lot of things people hope to accomplish in their lives. Having successful careers, raising a loving family, making a ton of money — these are among the most common goals. While those are all good and fine, what about the finer things in life? Like making sure you’ve tasted freshly-made whipped cream (it will make you a better person) or eating a big bowl of the classic Korean dish bibimbap before you’re buried six feet under?

We know how easy it is to get caught up by the fast pace of our lives, so we’re here to remind you of what’s really important: eating. And since we don’t want you to go through life without eating as best as you can, we’ve put together a list of things you have to eat before you reach the end of your life, most of which you can make in your own kitchen. (And the ones you have to travel for, we promise they’re worth spending your savings on.)

If you feel like we left an important have-to-try food off the list, let us know in the comments below!

  • 1
    A Chocolate Chip Cookie From Levain Bakery
    Flickr: h-bomb
    This cookie is better than the sum of all the cookies you’ve eaten in your entire life.
  • 2

    Flickr: ulterior epicure
    Sweetbreads are not bread, or sweet; they’re glands (usually of a calf or lamb). We know that sounds gross, but just forget what you’re eating for a second and taste them — you’ll be fan, we’re sure of it.
  • 3
    A Roast Chicken That You Make In Your Own Oven
    Flickr: The_Smiths
    Not only will it be the best chicken you’ve ever had, but your house will smell AMAZING. Serve it with potatoes. Better yet, cook the potatoes in the same pan as the chicken so they can roast in the drippings.
  • 4
    Lobster Roll
    Flickr: neil conway
    Actually, you should eat as many of these as you possibly can in your lifetime.
  • 5
    REAL Ramen (Not From The Packet)
    Flickr: jpellgen
    We appreciate instant ramen for getting us through college, but it’s given REAL ramen a bad name. Eating a bowl of ramen is like being hugged from the inside.
  • 6
    Beignets At Cafe Du Monde
    Flickr: vxla
    They taste like pillowy clouds that have been dusted in sugar.
  • 7
    Flickr: ‘tone
    This dish is made up of nothing more than potatoes topped with melted cheese. It’s served with pickles and charcuterie and it’s one of the many reasons we respect the Swiss. Also, you usually get to melt and scrape off your own cheese , which is incredibly satisfying.
  • 8
    French Fries With Homemade Mayonnaise
    Flickr: roboppy
    Just try it. You’ll see.
  • 9
    Pimento Cheese
    Flickr: palmetto cheese
    Known as the caviar of the south, this spread is made with sharp cheddar cheese or processed cheese, mayonnaise and pimentos. It might not sound like much, but it’s possibly the greatest thing the south has given us.
  • 10
    Hot Roasted Chestnuts
    Flickr: angelocesare
    Preferably eaten while walking down the streets of Paris, but not mandatory.
  • 11
    Flickr: powerplantop
    We thank the Americas every day for giving us ceviche.
  • 12
    Edikang Ikong Soup
    World famous delicacy: Edikang Ikong Soup of the Efik People of Cross River State
    World famous delicacy: Edikang Ikong Soup of the Efik People of Cross River State

    Best eated with soft fofo (casava flour). Get the recipe HERE.

  • 13
    Hot Stone Bowl Bibimbap
    Flickr: Pabo76
    The rice that crisps at the bottom of the stone bowl will make you happy for years to come.
  • 14
    Stone Crabs At Joe’s
    Flickr: T.Tseng
    Stone crabs are the lobster of South Florida. And Joe’s Stone Crab mustard sauce is good enough to drink out of a glass.
  • 15
    Strawberries Picked Fresh From The Field
    Flickr: allieatfood
    They taste like you died and went to heaven. No supermarket strawberry comes even close to tasting like these.
  • 16
    Affang Soup
    Afang Soup The Trent
    The Ibibio people of Akwa Ibom State own this delicacy. Get the recipe HERE.
  • 17
    Pancakes With REAL Maple Syrup
    Flickr: Chiot’s Run
    Or French toast. Or waffles. Just don’t even think about Aunt Jemima.
  • 18
    Freshly-Made Ricotta
    Flickr: Alexandra Guerson
    Even better if you make it yourself, it’s so easy.
  • 19
    Ekpang Nkukwo (Cocoyam Porridge)
    Ekpang Nkuwkow The Trent ee
    This is a truly awesome dish that should be celebrated world-wide. It is native to the people of Akwa Ibom and Cross River States of Nigeria.
  • 20
    Chocolate Croissant From Tartine Bakery, SF
    Tartine Bakery
    They make them even better than the French can.
  • 21
    Freshly-Made Whipped Cream

    Flickr: melanerpist
    Whipped cream when made fresh can make the worst days feel okay.
  • 22
    Avocado, Eaten Straight From The Skin With A Spoon
    Flickr: Elsa4Sound
    Make sure it’s a Hass avocado (they’re small, but they’ve got all the flavor) topped with a little salt and lime. It’s better than eating butter — which we all know is amazing, right?
  • 23
    A Loaf Of Bread From Sfoglia
    Yes, it costs $8.50 per loaf. Yes, you have to be in NYC to get one. And yes, they sell out super fast. But, their fresh-baked bread is washed in olive oil and dusted with salt. It puts all other loaves to shame.
  • 24
    Tomato Soup And Grilled Cheese
    Flickr: neil conway
    You’ve probably had grilled cheese. And you’ve most likely had tomato soup. But until you’ve had them together, you don’t yet know how very wonderful life can be.
  • 25
    Flickr: phil_g
    Eating a tamale is like opening the best present you’ve ever received. You unwrap the corn husk to reveal a masa dough that’s hiding an even more delicious filling. It’s a very beautiful thing.

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