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3 Basic Decorating Ideas For Your Home

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[dropcap]H[/dropcap]ome, such a beautiful word. Home is not a place but a feeling. I believe that we spend most of our life in our home. So, why not make it as precious as possible. Think of it this way; it is a long, exhausting day. You spent the entire day working. You come back home to a smelling, non-pleasing atmosphere; it adds up to the irritation in your mind, doesn’t it? Your home needs more attention than most of the people cares to give it. Your decor, wall paint, your painting hanging on the walls, unimportant things like your doormats, say much about you and your choices in life as a whole. A person entering in your house will get the first impression of you by just one glance.

Think of your home as a small territory, which you have got to arrange in such a manner that, when a person walks in, he already feels at home. Make it cozy, make it warm. Some people think that they need a large home to be considered as beautiful. This concept is totally wrong. If your home even consists of one room, you can arrange it in such a manner that it will look like a little heaven of yours.

Here I have jumbled up some thoughts about how you can arrange your home.

living room home

Furniture Choice

Furniture is a necessity. But sometimes it also works as a decoration piece. Yes, you read it right. Your furniture is the biggest decoration piece in your house. Furniture choices have changed over the years. About six or seven years ago, people liked to have huge bags, which took all the spaces. With curtains hanging around it and stuff. Although it gave royal look and all, it was just too much work, and it took most of the space. So, people gave that up. Now is the trend for much simpler beds, especially you are an aesthetic geek, you should choose simple beds with or without backs. White and black colors are mostly in these days. Throw a spring matters and a white bed sheet cover and you have got yourself the coziest bedroom ever.


Color choices

People have got to think about their theme choices, one or twice. Believe me, you can have the most expensive stuff but having that in awful colors will kill the mood. If you are bad at making combination choices, just go with one theme. It will make your life much easier. Choose the color of the walls very wisely. Light color gives a very welcoming impression and will keep you away from depression. It also makes your place look wider. But keep one thing in mind that it will become dirty quite soon, especially if you have a child. You will have to go through the effort of renewing it all over again.

If you are choosing furniture with a darker color like charcoal black or mahogany brown wood color, make the walls of lighter color. Make your bed sheet of the same color as the walls, so that it looks like they have a relation and everything belongs in the same room.

living room home

2018 is the time where we have decided to keep things simpler. You do not need to fill up your house with decorations and all. Firstly, it will look like the place is all filled up and secondly, it will be a pain to clean everything daily. Go with more natural decorations; use cast stone fountains from Soothing Walls. If you go on Pinterest, you will see that now people are keeping plants in their bedrooms and even small ones on their study tables etc.

No matter what you choose, always think of what will make you feel happy because you are the one who is going to see it every day.

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