5 Precautions To Take After Hernia Surgery

5 Precautions To Take After Hernia Surgery

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A general Hernia surgery is not a threat to life. Required measures are taken so that the surgery goes smoothly. The patient is kept under the doctor’s observation for some hours after the surgery. There are several precautions that the patient needs to take after the hernia surgery. The patient should take bed rest for 3-5 days after being released from the hospital. Several measures are advised to be taken in the recovery stage.

Below are 5 precautions to take after the hernia surgery.

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1. Strict “No” to Smoking and drink a lot of liquids

Drinking a lot of fluids is recommended to the patients after the hernia surgery. If the person takes less liquid after hernia surgery, it can lead to constipation. If the patient does not take in a sufficient amount of fluids, it would further lead to constipation. Less intake of fluids after the hernia surgery can hinder the normal bowel movements as the stools may be hard and dry. Increasing the intake of liquids can help in the formation and passing of a normal stool and make the bowel passage easier.

The patient should strictly avoid taking alcohol as it makes the body dehydrated which further increases the risk of constipation. This can also lead to inconvenience while passing stool, resulting in post-surgery complications. Nicotine should also be avoided. Smoking cigarettes can increase the risk of infection because of nicotine. Nicotine can also cause infection in the surgical incision. The patient is asked to stay away from cigarettes and nicotine-containing products to around 6-8 weeks after the surgery. 

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2. Exercise regularly

Most patients complaint of weight gains after the hernia surgery. The patient should go for light walks to prevent spontaneous weight gain. The patient should avoid heavy workouts. Regular physical activity can help stimulate bowel movements and get relief from constipation. Exercises focusing on muscle movements of legs, arms, shoulders, back, and chest should be done by the patient. Such exercises promote weight loss and increase the metabolism of the body.

Heavy lifting of weight should be avoided as it can directly put a lot of stress on the stomach. This can also affect the stitches after the hernia surgery. It should be made sure that the stitches do not stretch out. The would and incisions needs to be taken care of and the patient should avoid any activity that puts a lot of strain around the incisions.

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3. Use of Laxatives

In order to hydrate and stimulate the intestinal tract, one can try an effective measure by enhancing the usage of laxatives. This helps avoid constipation also. The patient should consult his doctor and use a prescribed laxative to increase the hernia repair. The laxatives help in easier bowel movements. Laxatives take around 3-5 days to show its positive effects but it definitely helps the patient.

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4. Increase the consumption of fiber and vegetables

The patient should consume a lot of fiber-rich diet and vegetables. Fiber helps in normal passage of stool and prevents hard stool. If the diet lacks fiber, the patient would pass a hard stool, resulting in constipation. If the diet lacks fiber, the patient can also have troubles such as bloating and abdominal cramps. The patient should avoid taking carbonated or caffeinated drinks, skim milk, polished rice and bakery products such as cakes and break that is full of starch and lack fiber. Foods rich in fiber such as beans, leafy vegetables, whole grain food items, fruits, and vegetables should be consumed by the patient. The individual should drink a lot of water to keep the body from getting dehydrated.

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5. Keep the wound clean to prevent infections

Keeping the would clean and devoid of infections is essential for speedy and healthy recovery. The would should be kept clean. Soft sponge or towels should be used to clean the wound. Till the time the stitches heal, the would should be prevented from any sort of dirt. The patient should be kept in hygienic conditions. If the would get infected, it can be very dangerous for the patient.

Follow up after the Hernia Surgery

Generally, the patient is scheduled to see the doctor after 7-10 days post surgery. Till then, all measures should be taken to keep the patient healthy, hygienic, hydrated and should be given a fiber-rich diet. The patient should strictly follow the doctor’s advice and take all the precautions after the hernia surgery.


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