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7 Exercises To Give You A Super Sexy Body (VIDEOS)

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Want to know the exercises for a sexy running body? As you notice the strong, powerful #legs of the woman running by, you may dream of having this masterpiece body one day too. Running bodies can be downright smoking hot! But if you are unable to run due to medical reasons or lacking the #time to train for anything other than short distance, is it even possible to achieve a true runner’s body? A runner’s body is usually lean, strong and sculpted because running is a body weight #exercise that requires a lot of energy. It is not easy propelling your entire body weight across the pavement for many miles (or even one) but it is well worth the effort. You may even find you love running as I do! So let’s get started with these exercises for a sexy running body:


For sculpted quads that most runners have and a really stronger lower body, perform 3 sets of 18 one leg squats 3 days a week. Get as low as you can and aim for getting in a seated position with #weight on one heel while the other leg is raised. This is surely one of the best exercises for a sexy running #body because it isolates the larger muscle groups of each leg individually!


I love this power packed move and it not only sculpts your body but can definitely help you to get speedier in your runs! Make sure to keep your knee over your ankle, use power and energy to switch. This move requires a lot of strength but it is well worth it because it is one of the best exercises you can do to sculpt your lower half. Aim for 2 sets of 18 two days a week.


To target your entire lower body and core and give you that runner’s lower #body, the jump squat is essential. Make sure you put power and energy into this move to explode up with purpose. You get out what you put in and if you work hard this #exercise is a super metabolic booster. Aim for 2 sets of 18 three days a week.


Increase the power in your #legs and sculpt your body to give you runner’s leg with some vertical box jumps. All you need are step up benches or a low bench. Beware – if you have any knee problems you want to avoid this #exercise, as it puts plenty of stress on the joints.


Keep your posture up, put #weight on your heels and lower as far as you can go into a seated position. Push back up through your heels to work your butt and #legs. The squat is truly one of the ultimate exercises to tone your inner and outer thighs along with your #butt so drop it down low and get squatting. Aim for 2 sets of 18 and a 2 minute squat hold.


Pushups are the best bodyweight #exercise for your upper body. Most runners are sculpted from head to toe and you would not want to be off balance with a flabby upper body, right? There are several pushup variations in this video to work different parts of the upper #body. Work on sets of 10 with several variations and do what you can.


To strengthen your abs, lower back and obliques, the plank should be your “go to” #exercise. When performing the plank, keep your body in a straight line and engage your core. Aim for 2-3 minutes, 4 days a week to work your core and get the hard #stomach of a runner’s body!

Good luck with all of these great exercises. Make sure you stick with it and work hard to achieve your best running #body and integrate some runs into your training as well. You never know, you may even fall in love with running, as I did!

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