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Meet The World’s Dirtiest Man: Sleeps In A Pile Of HOT ASH Every Night (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

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Ludvik Dolezal (Photo Credit: SWNS)
Ludvik Dolezal (Photo Credit: SWNS)

It turns out that the man dubbed in the media as ‘‘Europe’s dirtiest man’‘, is obviously suffering untreated mental health issues.

The man known as Ludvik Dolezal is reported to sleep in a pile of hot ash at night. This disturbing habit has led him to burn his few possession to save himself from freezing at night.

Dolezal lives in Novy Bydzov in the Czech Republic, the part of Europe known for its freezing cold weather.

“I lie down with hot ash in my clothes and cover myself to keep warm,” Dolezal says. “”I look like hell. I had mattresses, but burnt everything. People help and bring old tyres to burn.”

He sports a grey bread and thick bush of hair which are all blackened by soot, along with his entire body, and from all indication, he doesn’t take a bath.

Dolezal is a drifter, whose age and actual place of origin remains unknown. He is also living on government benefits equal to 81 GBP a month. Because of fears that he would burn his benefits if paid to him at once, social workers pay him gradually.

He is a chain smoker, smoking about 20 cigarettes a day. “I will never stop smoking,” he vows.

Ludvik Dolezal (Photo Credit: SWNS)

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