Nigeria: A Storm Of Declarations

Nigeria: A Storm Of Declarations [READ]

By Opinions | The Trent on May 6, 2022
George Obiozor
George Obiozor emerges Ohanaeze Ndigbo President-General

Franchise is the greatest feature of democracy. Nigeria needs a leader right now.

The Nigerian presidency for 2023 is the latest match in the field. We have different teams, stadiums and players. Numerous individuals have declared interest and it is likely that more are yet to declare. It currently looks like a storm is headed our way come 2023. Are we ready for this wave? I don’t think so. Yes anyone can be President but not everyone should be president, especially at this crucial time. With the way the whole contest is going, certain individuals might opt to declare interest for this demanding position. I hope this office’s requirements are looked at carefully.

The media consistently does its part in the process. Both positive and negative information are aired all over now. We have seen candidates circulate their antecedents across the media space. Declaring interest in Nigerian presidency is a very big trade now.

Most importantly, every Nigerian has a right to political participation once the requirements are met. In fact, due to the importance of franchise, the current President of the challenged Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, was a comedian. This indicates that no person is too big or too small for the office as long as he/she is competent. It is looking like a gamble now but it ought not to be. If we are honest with ourselves in this country, we should see the N100 million or even N40 million for a presidential form is as outrageous. But nonetheless, almost everything associated with Nigeria now is a business venture, ‘money money money’.

Nigerian politics is typical, both Southerners and Northerners have declared interest for the position in the 2023 election.

Unfortunately, Southerners are yet to understand the game of politics. All we do is discuss and chat about the state of the nation with little actions. This is what makes us easier to manipulate. How many Southerners own a Permanent Voters Card (PVC) ?. Political participation isn’t just about protesting and complaining, it is about elections as a routine to end bad representation.

Zoning is essential at this time and so is active politics. The North believes they should continue. It is now obvious that they are not willing to step down for anyone. As wrong as it may sound, it is their constitutional right to vote and be voted for no matter the circumstances. Evidently, they are a united front unlike the South. In this scenario where Nigeria needs to remain as one, Presidency should go to the South-East. I still don’t understand the stance of the South-West at this moment with all these declarations of interest. Isn’t it time for the Igbos and the Yorubas to come together and agree on the position of the South. With this divided attitude I strongly doubt we can achieve anything meaningful. Under normal circumstances, by now, the South should be one step ahead with consensus and clarity.

Instead all we hear and see are personal ambitions, ethnic backgrounds and religion. We hear statements like “It is my turn”. or “I am the best”. These are egocentric and selfish statements we shouldn’t be making at this time.

The most important thing we should hope and pray for right now is our safety, credible elections and a better cost of living.

In the end, Nigeria will prevail.

Chinedum Anayo is a political commentator. He can be reached by email HERE.

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