Top 5 Must-Try Sex Positions

Top 5 Must-Try Sex Positions

By Lifestyles | The Trent on June 4, 2015

If the honeymoon’s over and you’re sex life is becoming stale, it may be time to change it up.

Sex-pert and chocolatier Claire Preen, author of 50 Shades of Chocolate, shares with us the top 5 positions every couple must try!

1. Missionary

Most of the time a classic is a classic for a reason and this is certainly the case with the missionary position. By putting a cushion under the women’s buttocks, this position can achieve optimal g-spot stimulation, and it allows the man and woman to look into each other’s eyes, creating a sense of intimacy.

For a twist on the standard, put your legs over his shoulders – it allows for deeper penetration.

2. Doggie Style

Although this position has a rather unfortunate name, it is a fantastic position for maximising the female’s pleasure. Some women struggle with this position because they feel it takes the intimacy out of sex. However, this does not need to be the case. Think of it like a hug from behind! The position gives men the perfect opportunity to stimulate the women’s clitoris and breasts while having sex and also works for them as it gives them a fantastic view of your body.

3. Girl on Top/Reverse Cowgirl

Girl on Top is widely considered the best and easier way for a woman to reach orgasm through intercourse. It gives the woman a sense of power and the ability to control the depth of penetration and it gives the man a great view of boobs – win, win!

Reverse cowgirl is a twist on the traditional and gives the girl the option to play with her partner’s balls, which they will love, while controlling the rhythm. Extremely empowering for women!

3. Standing up against a wall

Sex standing up is one of life’s greatest pleasures – it’s fun, exciting and can really be done anywhere (in private, please…). It creates an embrace which heightens intimacy on an emotional level. This move is best done in the shower, as cascading soapy water is a turn-on for pretty much everyone and soap dishes make great hand holds.

4. Side-by-side

We know spooning always leads to forking but the best way to do it is to combine the two! It’s snuggly, requires very little physical effort and it provides constant g-spot stimulation. It does not allow for particularly deep penetration so this is great if both parties are a little tired, or just a bit spent from too much sex! It also gives the man the chance to feel your clitoris from the front and fondle the breasts.

5. And if you’re feeling adventurous…69

The 69 position gives both partners a chance to engage in oral sex, with the man and the woman aligned in a top-to-tail position. Who says you have to choose between giving or taking – do both simultaneously… and see if you can race to the finish line. Don’t forget to use your fingers, too!

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