Which Ethnic Outfits Fit Your Body Type?

Which Ethnic Outfits Fit Your Body Type?

By Donna William | Lifestyle Editor on December 5, 2018
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When you’re looking for an outfit, the first priority you should make is finding one that fits your body type. Finding clothes that fit your body will make you look good and boost your confidence. Choosing clothes that contrast with your body type can make you look bigger and older.

Getting clothes that fit the shape of your body can be a tough decision but with good guidance, you can have the desired outfit. 

ethnic fashion body type

Apple shaped body type                        

This body shape is characterised by round shoulders, full stomach, average sized bust and slim legs. People with the apple shaped body carry their weight in the central part of the body.

What can you wear?

Simple flowing designs made of cotton and silk are good for this body shape. Dress your body with a fitting top. A tunic top is loose fitted and works well with this body shape. It does not highlight the tummy and the design on the top is stylish and flattering. Chose a top with a v-neck or a round neck to draw the attention away from your shoulders

You can pair your tops with straight pants or pleated skirts. Loose fitting bottoms also draw the attention away from your stomach. In this case, you can pair your tunic top with culottes or a lehenga dress. Dark colors and minimal patterns go well with this figure

What you should not wear

Avoid wearing tight and short cuts. Distance yourself from short jackets, tapered trousers, straight skirts and short dresses because they may expose unwanted flaws. Avoid clothes with pockets because they create bulging effects on your body. 

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The Pear Shaped Body                          

Women with the peer shaped bodies carry their weight around their thighs and stomach. They are smaller around the shoulders. This shape is common among most women.

How to dress a pear shaped body

Wear long close-fitting outfits that draw attention to your waist. Long outfits are flattering and create an illusion of being taller. Your outfit should draw attention to the shoulders to balance out your figure. You can achieve this by wearing wide shoulders and closed necklines. Make your upper body interesting by wearing fun patterns, prints and embroideries on your clothes.

Fun additions to your clothes will make your figure more appealing. Long and puffy sleeves look good with this body type. Wear block colors at the bottom so you don’t draw attention away from your shoulders. To achieve this look, you can pair a padded floral kurti from Stylecaret with a nice pair of jeggings or jeans.

What not to wear

Avoid wearing loose fitting pants. Baggy pants makes you seem bigger and hide your pear shape. Don’t wear clothes that are too fitting because they will show off your figure and might be disrespectful. Don’t wear too many prints on the bottom half of your body.

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The Hourglass Figure

Women with an hour glass have small shoulders, a small waist, large bust and curved hips. The hourglass figure is the easiest to dress.

How to dress an hourglass shape

The hourglass shape can fit into almost any style and design. It is especially flattering on traditional dresses. You can dress this figure to hide or accentuate your curves. If you want to show off your curves, wear high-waisted skirts and pants that are almost fitting. You should be respectful to the culture, so don’t wear clothes that are too fitting. Keep your style simple.

Prints can make your figure look heavy. Avoid clothes with too much embroidery and flower patterns. Well tailored pants look great on an hour glass figure. Pair a medium-sized kurti with a pair of jeans or cigarette pants. Add fancy additions to your style. Fun sleeves can turn your outfit into a fashion statement. Ruffled and flared sleeves make your outfit look fashionable without taking away from your shape. Wear a long kurti jacket over a choli top and a lehenga to create a perfect festival look.

What you shouldn’t wear

Avoid wearing heavy upper clothes like big jackets because they hide your body shape. Wear fitted tops instead of buggy shirts and jackets. Avoid clothes with pads and bigger shoulders. Puffy sleeves will exaggerate your shoulders and make your shape seem smaller. Stay away from big floral designs as they draw attention away from your waist.

The Lean Shape

It is also the square or rectangular shape. Women with square shaped bodies have small shoulders, small waists, small busts and slender hips with slim legs

How to dress a lean shape

The lean shape can be hard to style. You have to balance the size of your clothes. You should wear fitting tops and fitting bottoms. Create a waistline by wearing belts with dresses and high-waisted jeans. Wearing layered kurtis with flares as dresses will accentuate your figure while creating a fashion statement.

What to avoid

Do not wear fancy additions to your clothing. Avoid puffy sleeves and wide legs. Don’t combine baggy tops with loose bottoms or baggy pants with baggy bottoms.

Triangular Shaped Bodies

Triangular shaped women have wide shoulders with lean stomachs and torso. They are slim in the waist, legs and hips.

How to dress this shape

Find clothes that draw attention away from your hips and shoulders. A salwar kameez is appropriate dress for this effect. It covers the shoulders and hands, accentuates the waist and is wide at the hips to give you a perfect shape.

Off the shoulder and shoulder cut outs are slimming to your shoulders. Cut-outs give the illusion of narrow shoulders. Long ponchos and capes with flaring dresses give your body a nice wide shape at the mid section. Prints and floral patterns look good on this figure.

What not to wear

Avoid tight fitting clothes as they give your shape an unflattering look. Clothes with ruffled and puffy sleeves only make your shoulders look wider.

Final thoughts

Follow this guide to find stylish clothes that fit your body shape well. Do not buy an outfit that does not fit your body shape because the design is trending. Keep these tips in mind while you are shopping and you will be impressed by how much better you look with clothes that fit you.


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